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Marvel Universe: Ultimate Spider-Man #6 is the sixth issue of the official Ultimate Spider-Man spin-off comic series. It was released on September 26th, 2012.



First Story - Training Wheels

At Midtown High School, Peter Parker is explaining to Phil Coulson about how he stopped a group of bank robber until Agent Coulson interrupts him. He reveals to him that he is making good progress in his training except one: his attitude. This surprises Peter and he is berated for not taking a super hero job seriously and is told that he will be tested on his focus. Peter as Spider-Man is hanging upside down and doing his math homework until he sees a giant armored wheel vehicle with robot claws and weapons. Spider-Man believes it to be the test that Agent Coulson told him until the driver inside the giant wheel vehicle attacks him and reveals his name to be Big Wheel whose villain name Spider-Man finds terrible. When Spider-Man jokes about the design of the giant wheel vehicle, he is thrown into a bank which allows Big Wheel to steal the bank's safe and shoot missiles at Spider-Man who now realizes that it isn't a training exercise. Spider-Man realizes that he didn't take Big Wheel seriously and almost let innocent people get hurt and continues to chase Big Wheel onto a roof. Big Wheel believes that he can never be caught before Spider-Man points out that the police have helicopters, S.H.I.E.L.D. have flying cars and that there is him and points out that it is the worst escape plan he had. Big Wheel fires more missiles at him and Spider-Man is able to take the attack seriously and avoids letting people get into the crossfire. Big Wheel prides himself about what he will do with the money which gives Spider-Man the advantage to close himself in the vault and Big Wheel is blasted by his own missiles. Big Wheel is taken to into custody and Nick Fury congratulates Spider-Man for stopping him. He then points out about what Agent Coulson said about taking his responsibilities seriously and Spider-Man now also realizes about innocent lives at stake when he is a super hero. However, this does not stop him from cracking jokes until he asks himself where he put his math homework.

Second Story - And Sometimes You Get What You Need!

Spider-Man takes out a purse-snatcher with a J. Jonah Jameson mask by knocking him into a restaurant table but the rich people berate him assaulting the purse-snatcher. Spider-Man helps up the lady he saved and points out to the people that she is all right. Before he can leave, the lady stops him to tell him something. He tells her to make it fast because he is not in the mood for what people are doing but the lady reveals that she works with the the post office and that she has been looking for him. She reveals that he has letters from fans that like him. She also reveals that these letters have been piling up for the past year or so. Spider-Man realizes that he had fans since he first started his hero career. He opens a letter from a kid who has mailed a picture of him defeating Doctor Bong. He remembers the time when Doctor Bong accidentally teleported the boardwalk while trying to get cotton candy. Spider-Man defeated him and saved a cart from falling. The lady gives him another letter which was opened by transit. He reads the letter which is from a boy named Tyler Bennett who wants to be like him when he grows up and that people will see him as a good guy. This makes Spider-Man happy. He then discovers a note from Aunt May. A flashback of a few weeks back shows Aunt May thanking him saving Midtown High from the Frightful Four and that Uncle Ben would always tell her "With great power comes great responsibility". This makes Spider-Man happy for her and leaves after getting the lady's name to be Mary Bennett who also reveals that he saved her husband from a fire gave her kids hope of a guardian angel watching everyone. The story ends with Aunt May's letter revealing that Uncle Ben would be happy to see a new age of heroes and that Spider-Man should keep his on a straight and save the day.


Training Wheels

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And Sometimes You Get What You Need!

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  • It is revealed that Aunt May sent her letter to Spider-Man sometime after the events of "Great Power".


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