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Marvel Universe: Ultimate Spider-Man #5 is the fifth issue of the official Ultimate Spider-Man spin-off comic series. It was released on August 22nd, 2012.



First Story - The Finals Countdown

At Midtown High School, Mary Jane Watson finds Peter Parker in the chem lab and asks if he wants to go to Pizza Mondo due to it being free period but he reveals that he is creating a new experiment which is due in one hour and she leaves. He then reveals to himself that he invented and tested an un-glue during a battle with Mysterio last week which he will use to pass his project. He is then interrupted by a call from Nick Fury who tells him that Absorbing Man has escaped while going to trial and that he is six blocks away from Midtown High heading for the Hudson River. Peter reluctantly agrees to do it and changes into his Spider-Man costume to catch Absorbing Man and return to the lab in ten minutes. After explaining the origins of Absorbing Man, he finds him battling the police after absorbing concrete and knocks him down. Absorbing Man absorbs wood from a tree to knock Spider-Man down but he is webbed up and defeated. Spider-Man makes it back to the lab to finish his project but is interrupted again and learns that Absorbing Man has escaped again due to him absorbing a piece of glass to cut himself free from the webbing. He finds him at a construction site and Absorbing Man absorbs brick to crush Spider-Man but is webbed up again. Spider-Man leaves for back to the lab but unknowingly doesn't see Absorbing Man absorbing the web and following him. Before Spider-Man can finish his project, he is attacked by Absorbing Man who has decided to stop Spider-Man permanently. However, Spider-Man permanently defeats him with his un-glue project and has him taken into custody while believing that his grades will drop. Fortunately, the lab teacher reveals that due to the lab is off limits and that he'll give everyone a seventy-two hour extension on working on the experiments again till Monday. Believing his luck has changed, Peter gets a phone call from Director Fury who has assigned him to go to Argentina and will have him back no later than Monday.

Second Story - Nothing Can Stop the... Trapster?!

At the New York City Marathon, Peter Parker is in his Spider-Man costume observing while trying to take a photo to complete an assignment for his photography class. However, all the contestants including Phil Coulson's shoes are glued to the ground. As the police and firemen are trying to get them out, Spider-Man gives them a fright which causes them to get stuck as well. While everyone accuses him of causing the glue except Coulson, Spider-Man begins to suspect a distraction. After he hears an alarm, he realizes that the misdirector was Trapster who has stolen the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak from an auction house. Trapster believes that it will empower him and ignores the auctioneer's warnings before Spider-Man confronts him. However, Trapster uses the gem to turn himself into the Juggernaut. Juggernaut Trapster has the upper hand against Spider-Man and unknowingly gives Spider-Man the idea of running. He lures Juggernaut Trapster into the glued ground and persuades him to turn back to normal. Spider-Man then decides to get some running shoes.


The Finals Countdown

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Nothing Can Stop the... Trapster?!

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