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Marvel Universe: Ultimate Spider-Man #3 is the third issue of the official Ultimate Spider-Man spin-off comic series. It was released on June 27, 2012.



First Story - That's All Folks!

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are at Stark Industries covering for a story while checking out the tech and Mary Jane wanting to go to Central Park due to it being a gorgeous day. Tony Stark unveils a new invention called The Rhodes 4D-TV. He reveals that The Rhodes 4D-TV is a look into the future and to experience it. Suddenly, Electro appears to attack which forces Peter to change into Spider-Man and knocks Electro down. Tony as Iron Man appears to back Spider-Man up before Electro uses the advantage to shock Iron Man into blasting Spider-Man but he along with Spider-Man are sucked and transported into The Rhodes 4D-TV. They appear in a Japanese movie and survive it's giant monster. They are then transported into a horror movie and Electro blasts at Spider-Man which transports them to a western film to a children's show. After landing a a science show, Spider-Man uses a walking vile of potion to shock Electro into transporting them back to reality. Spider-Man gives Iron Man the cue to blast and capture Electro. After learning about Spider-Man and Electro's adventure in his invention, Iron Man thinks of brainstorming it but Spider-Man tells him to do it later because there is a day to enjoy. Later, Peter and Mary Jane are in Central Park with Peter pretending that he got caught in the crowd racing for the exits while Mary Jane explains that she was covering on what happened. Peter then admits that it is a gorgeous day and Mary Jane admits that even when she's wrong, she's right.

Second Story - "Art For Pete's Sake"

At the Guggenheim Museum, where Mary Jane Watson realizes that Peter Parker is uncultured due to him not getting the fact about a skull that has diamonds on it. An Australian appears and agrees with Mary Jane about the skull being a beautiful piece of art. Suddenly, the Aussie's hat orders him to stop wasting time and grab the skull which catches Peter's attention. The Aussie rips off his clothes to reveal himself wearing kangaroo-like armor and steals the skull while pushing Peter aside to leave. Peter changes into Spider-Man and damages his photo camera which takes a photo of him in the process. He jumps and rides on the kangaroo villain before another kangaroo villain appears to help his associate. They reveal themselves as the Kangaroo Brothers until Spider-Man takes the skull to escape but another Kangaroo Brother knocks him down. Spider-Man manages to save the skull from breaking before running into a female kangaroo villain called Kangaroo Sister who knocks him down. The Kangaroo Brothers and Sister chase Spider-Man before he gets knocked down by two more kangaroo villains called the Kangaroo Twins. Spider-Man and the Kangaroos fight over the skull before Spider-Man sticks to the ceiling to avoid being caught by them. He then realizes that he can't jump in the air and he decides to run which makes the Kanga-Crooks have trouble with their jumping suits and that the ceiling is too low for them which causes their suits to blow up. The Kanga-Crooks are taken into custody and Spider-Man changes back into Peter Parker. He manages to pretend to Mary Jane that the camera's film got damaged in the chaos which upsets her. She then asks and begs Peter to come on her next assignment but he refuses and tells her to ask the next day.


That's All Folks!

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"Art For Pete's Sake"

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  • The first story takes place before the events of the Season 2 episode, "Electro", due to Electro still wearing his green and yellow costume.
  • The first story has many references to films and TV series:
    • The title references Porky Pig's catchphrase "That's All Folks".
    • The Japanese film that Spider-Man and Electro enter references the movies and series, Godzilla.
    • The Horror film that Spider-Man and Electro enter references the 1922 film, Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens
    • The Western film that Spider-Man and Electro enter references many western films.
    • The Children Show that Spider-Man and Electro enter references the series, Teletubbies


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