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Marvel Universe: Ultimate Spider-Man #1 is the first issue of the official Ultimate Spider-Man spin-off comic series. It was released on April 25, 2012.



First Story - How to Defeat Shocker

Spider-Man narrates about the spider biting him and giving him his powers before he resumes to fighting Shocker who has fought with Spider-Man when he was a solo act. Spider-Man reveals that he needed to get a cake before Shocker showed up to do his crime spree. He reveals that as Peter Parker, he does stuff at Midtown High School and home with Aunt May. Before he can reveal what Aunt May asked him to do, he is attacked by Shocker. After being hit by Shocker, he remembers his past with Uncle Ben. Uncle Ben had been the closest thing Peter had to a father like exciting him with science and technology and gave him the skills to defend himself. Before he can reveal the most important lesson, Shocker punches him before Spider-Man webs his hands up. He reveals that he has to order a cake before Uncle Ben's birthday the next day. He tells Shocker to attack him before he can remember Uncle Ben's death. Shocker tells him that he needs to focus more and blasts him. He tries to think of ways to defeat Shocker. Uncle Ben's ghost appears and reminds Spider-Man "With great power comes great responsibility" and reminding him to get a chocolate cake with cannoli filling before telling him to defeat Shocker. Spider-man uses his webs and knocks Shocker out and leaves him to be arrested. Spider-Man is then saddened by the shop being closed before the owner appears and congratulates him with defeating Shocker. The owner offers him anything he wants and Spider-Man reveals that it's his "friend's" birthday the next day and he is given the chocolate cake with cannoli filling before leaving for home.

Second Story - ...Ultimate Peter Parker

At Midtown High School, Peter Parker is called from class by Principal/Agent Phil Coulson much to the annoyance of his English teacher, Ms. Hughes. When Peter expresses concern that everyone will notice he's gone, Agent Coulson unveils a Peter Parker mandroid called Mandroid-13, created by Dr. Curt Connors and programmed with Peter's personality and memories. The mandroid will pose as him in school while he's out as Spider-Man. Agent Coulson then reveals to Spider-Man that S.H.I.E.L.D. intercepted communication from the terrorist organization known as HYDRA that have planned an assassination attempt on Nick Fury. Agent Coulson assigns Spider-Man to shadow Director Fury in secret for the next twenty-four hours and that S.H.I.E.L.D. will stay in touch if anything happens.

As Spider-Man shadows Director Fury, HYDRA Soldiers spot them and contact Madame Hydra. While Spider-man is watching Director Fury, he worries about what his robotic counterpart is doing back at at school like eating machine parts, blasting Flash Thompson and making out with Mary Jane Watson, Ms. Hughes and Stan's vacuum cleaner. Lost in thought, Spider-Man notices too late that Director Fury is being attacked by HYDRA Soldiers led by Madame Hydra, who succeeds in shooting Director Fury through the chest. Luckily, the Director Fury who was shot was just an android, with the real Director Fury using it as a way to test Spider-Man. Madame Hydra reveals to Director Fury that she knew it was an android that was what she wanted. She is able to use the android to hack into S.H.I.E.L.D. and program all the remaining androids to self destruct. Spider-Man leaves that battle having realized that the Peter Parker android is about to explode at Midtown High which allows Madame Hydra to escape. He barely makes back it in time to remove the Peter Parker android before it blows up in front of Mary Jane and Harry Osborn.

On the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Spider-Man berates Director Fury for using him. Director Fury points out that he let Madame Hydra escape but Agent Coulson defends him for having to save lives at Midtown High. Agent Coulson plans on recreating more Peter Parker androids but Spider-Man tells him to stop making Peter Parker androids, annoyed that the android got to spend the day having the normal life he could never have.


How to Defeat Shocker

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...Ultimate Peter Parker

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  • The first story is revealed to take place before the Season 1 episode, "Great Power", seeing as it tells about Peter Parker being Spider-Man for a year before being recruited by S.H.I.E.l.D.
  • Shocker is revealed to be one of the first super villains to fight Spider-Man (along with Trapster and Electro)


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