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Julia Carpenter

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Agent Web

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Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4

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Cree Summer


Madame Web (Julia Carpenter) is a superheroine and a prodigy of Nick Fury who appeared in the episode "Agent Web". She is a precognitive, spider-themed superhuman who can look into the future.

Physical Appearance

Madame Web has red hair. She sports a pair of goggles with red lenses and a red costume with a spider-symbol on it. It was based on the costume that Julia wears under her trench-coat in the comics. [1]



At a young age, Madame Web developed precognition and was discovered by Nick Fury who used her as a S.H.I.E.L.D. Asset where she gives him the percentages of the required outcome. When the day when Doctor Octopus and Arnim Zola took over the Tri-Carrier occurred, Nick Fury enlisted Nova to help him keep Madame Web from falling into the hands of HYDRA. When at the abandoned Inhuman city of Atarog, something went wrong causing Nick Fury to send Nova to get Spider-Man. When Spider-Man and Triton arrived at Atarog, they saved Madame Web from the Carnivorous Vines as she helps them to find Nick Fury. After it was discovered that Nick Fury was a prisoner of Crossbones and the HYDRA Agents with him, Crossbones demanded that Spider-Man and Triton turn over Madame Web, or else they will kill Nick Fury. Thanks to some planning by Spider-Man as well as hearing the outcome percentages of Madame Web, Spider-Man and Triton were able to rescue Nick Fury and repel Crossbones and the HYDRA Agents. Before leaving to another location with Nick Fury, Madame Web tells Spider-Man and Triton that there is a 99% chance they will obtain another way home. That prediction comes true when the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family arrives.

Later Madame Web summons Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid to K'un-Lun. There she uses the combined mystic energies of the hidden city with the magics of Doctor Strange to open a portal in the Web of Reality. She uses the portal to send the two Spider-Men back to the Spider-Verse in order for them to hunt for the fragments of the Siege Perilous that they had shattered earlier.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Like Spider-Man, she has enhanced superhuman strength.
  • Speed and agility
  • Stamina, and durability
  • Wall-crawling
  • Web Generation: Unlike Spider-Man, she generates her webs using psychokinetic energy.
  • Clairvoyance
  • Precognition: Due to her link with the Web of Reality, Madame Web can see all possible futures and accurately predict the probabilities of those futures happening.


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  • This is the second animated appearance of both Julia Carpenter and Madame Web, as Julia Carpenter first appeared as Spider-Woman in Iron Man (1994 TV Series), while Madame Web first appeared in Spider-Man (1990s TV Series).
  • This version is a hybrid between her old Spider-Woman and latest Madame Web incarnations from the mainstream comic book universe.
  • This version of Julia hasn't became Spider-Woman, and is actually the first version of Madame Web.
  • This version is also a teenager.
  • Julia is the first female Spider-person to exist in the main Disney's New Marvel Animated Universe (with the exclusion of the Petra Parker version of Spider-Girl from a universe where all the Marvel characters were gender-swapped).
    • Later, she is followed by Mary Jane Watson who becomes Spider-Woman in this series.

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