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Arthur Parks

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Mutated human



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Flight of the Iron Spider

Voiced by

Keith Szarabajka


The Living Laser (real name Arthur Parks) was a former employee of Stark Industries, and an enemy of Iron Man. He somehow changed into the Living Laser. He is currently stuck in the SHS universe.[1]

Physical appearance

Arthur Parks

Arthur Parks

As Arthur Parks, he was a average height man with yellow hair. When he worked in Stark Industries he usually wore a scientist lab coat, with a green tie and he sported glasses. After changing into the Living Laser, he became a living being filled with active photons. The photons is glowing green light color. His costume has V-shaped marks as eyebrows and a large one on the chest.[1]


Living Laser is mischievious criminal, he likes to underestimate his foes. he has shown to be greedy with money, as when he wanted to steal the vital potential technological designs of Stark Industries.[1]


Early life

At some point of time he used to work in Stark Industries, but started using wrist lasers before eventually turning into a full light being made up of living photons.[1]


Living Laser chased Spider-Man and torned his suit, he then got decapitated by Iron Man. He returned and confront Spider-Man with his Iron Spider Armor with the team and took care of Spider-Man and disappeared. After the team left Spider-Man, Living Laser revealed that he took control of his armor. He confronted Iron Man and threatened him that he would kill Spider-Man from the inside. Iron Man sacrificed himself and Living Laser took control of his armor. He went to his industry and tried to steal his designs, but got interrupted by Spider-Man with the modified armor along with his teammates. Spider-Man freed Iron Man from Living Laser, he got distracted by Iron Man and chased after him to the molecular disruption chamber. Spider-Man activated it entrapping Living Laser. He was then transported to the Super Hero Squad universe and got knocked out by SHS's Thor.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Living photon body[1]
    • Superhuman strength[1]
    • Flight[1]
    • Size manipulation[1]
    • Energy blasts[1]
    • Energy control[1]


  • High-tech security[1]


Background in other media

This is the fourth animated appearance of the Living Laser. His previous versions include Iron Man: The Animated series, Iron Man: Armoured Adventures, and Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes.


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