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Sergei Kravinoff

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Sinister Six (formerly)
Sinister Six (tech) (formerly)
Sinister Seven (formerly)
Superior Sinister Six (formerly)
HYDRA (formerly)


Kraven HYDRA Armored Suit, Laser Spear, Laser Shield, Laser Knife,




Member of the Sinister Six (formerly)
Member of the Sinister Six (tech) (formerly)
Member of the Sinister Seven (formerly)
Member of the Superior Sinister Six (formerly)

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Kraven the Hunter

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Graduation Day: Part 2

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Diedrich Bader


Kraven the Hunter (real name Sergei Kravinoff) is a lethal hunter. He is a member of the first Sinister Six, the second Sinister Six, Sinister Seven and Superior Sinister Six. This version of Kraven has a personal and intense rivalry with White Tiger, due to him being responsible for killing her father and grandfather. He is one of the Quaternity Antagonists of Season 2, a Supporting Antagonist of Season 3: Web Warriors, and one of the Tertiary Antagonists of Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6.

Physical appearance

Kraven resembles his ultimate comics counterpart.


I am Kraven Hunter, what I hunt consume , what consume I become.

-- Kraven the Hunter src

Season 2

Kraven first arrived in New York and started to antagonize White Tiger from afar. His first was during a training session with her group, in which he caused her to act chaotic and run rampant. However, White Tiger was not easily fooled and knew he was behind it. During her attacks on New York, her team chased after her. However, Kraven appeared before the group and defeated Nova and Iron Fist with a knockout dart. As Power Man moved in to attack him, Kraven easily took him out with his knockout gas. He soon stole the White Tiger Amulet but was transformed into a humanoid tiger. White Tiger and Spider-Man removed it and White Tiger almost finished Kraven, but Spider-Man stopped her.

He was later hired to be part of the Sinister Six where he fought White Tiger but was defeated by Power Man and jailed in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarrier.

Sometime later, the imprisoned Sinister Six members were sprung from Ryker's Island and equip them with high-tech armor made from stolen Oscorp technology. Kraven is given a lion-themed armor with razor-sharp mechanical claws. Kraven fights Spider-Man and then White Tiger once again. He also assists in the group's gang assault on Iron Patriot. During all the chaos, Spider-Man was able to defeat Kraven along with the other Sinister Six members.

Season 3

Kraven teams up with Taskmaster in a plan to lure Ka-Zar to New York by kidnapping Zabu so that Taskmaster can recruit Ka-Zar to his side. During Taskmaster and Kraven's fight with Spider-Man, Ka-Zar, and Wolverine, Kraven uses a dart with a special poison in it on Spider-Man which transforms him into the Man-Spider. Upon being pursued to Manhattan by Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Ka-Zar, Kraven seeks to perform a ritual to become immortal by sacrificing Zabu at sunset (with the ritual occurring once every thousand years) while Taskmaster plans to get Ka-Zar on his side. With help from Wolverine who deals with Taskmaster, Spider-Man and Ka-Zar defeat Kraven who tries to knock Zabu off the bridge only for Spider-Man and Ka-Zar to catch Zabu before he can fall into the river. Kraven is later arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D.

In "Contest of Champions" Pt. 1, Grandmaster pairs up Kraven the Hunter with Molten Man and Wendigo King in the game of "Last Man Standing" against Collector's team of Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Hulk during. Kraven the Hunter coordinated Molten Man and Wendigo in the battle while using some of his traps. When chased by Hulk, Kraven used a special pollen that knocked out Hulk removing him from the game. After Spider-Man did tricks that removed Wendigo King and Molten Man from the game, Spider-Man engaged Kraven the Hunter and eventually defeating him allowing Collector to score the first victory against the Grandmaster.

Season 4

In the episode "HYDRA Attacks" Pt. 2, Doctor Octopus frees Kraven the Hunter, Batroc the Leaper, and Boomerang from the brig of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarrier-turned-HYDRA Island where he holds a contest where whoever can successfully capture Spider-Man will join his latest incarnation of the Sinister Six. Kraven the Hunter follows Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider into the sewers where they managed to bring some pipes down onto him. Later on, Kraven the Hunter confronts Spider-Man on HYDRA Island in an attempt to defeat him only to be knocked out of HYDRA Island by Scarlet Spider.

Kraven the Hunter sports new HYDRA armor as he hunts Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider. After abducting Scarlet 

Kraven in the symbiote

Spider, Kraven the Hunter takes Scarlet Spider into space where Spider-Man discovers that they are heading to the returned HYDRA Island. After Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider free Flash Thompson following his separation from the Venom symbiote, Doctor Octopus throws Kraven the Hunter into the Venom symbiote which gives him the appearance of a humanoid lion. Flash was able to get the Venom symbiote off Kraven the Hunter and help defeat him.

Kraven the Hunter appears as a member of Doctor Octopus' Sinister Six when they attack the Triskelion. During the battle, Kraven the Hunter uses a device that causes Cloak to lose control of his teleportation.


Friends and Allies



Kraven has the state-of-the-art hunting technology in his use in hunting down his prey.

Powers and Abilities

  • Kraven's HYDRA Armor: Kraven's new HYDRA armor was designed to improve his physical prowess and combat performance drastically. The armor was created by Doc Ock.
    • Superhuman Strength: He has superhumanly enhanced strength and being able to perform high leaps. He is able to battle Spider-man with equal terms in strength.
    • Superhuman Mobility: Despite his bulky armor, he has the same amount of agility and speed as he does without his armor, just more improved and quicker.
    • Superhuman Durability: The armor renders him highly resilient to physical trauma.
  • Maximum Human Conditioning: Through special dieting plans, rigorous training, meditation techniques and exercise regimes, he had developed that strength, speed, metabolism, stamina, longevity, reflexes and agility that are almost at the near of the limits of Captain America's inhuman capabilities.
    • Nigh-Superhuman Strength: He has the strength to physically combat and overpower beings like Spiderman and White Tiger, both who are metahumans.
    • Nigh-Superhuman Speed: He has shown the speed to quickly react and dodge attacks from being who is faster than himself. He also runs much quicker than Olympic level athletes.
    • Nigh-Superhuman Acrobatics: He has shown extremely remarkable acrobatic prowess that is seemingly superhuman.
    • Nigh-Superhuman Endurance: He is also more resilient to physical and mental trauma than normal people. He takes hits from spiderman's superhuman strength and is always still standing. His stamina as also at the peak of human potential.
    • Nigh-Superhuman Metabolism: His naturally-enhanced metabolism allows him to heal much better than normal people and much more rapidly than normal humans. It makes him much more resilient to pain, age, and fatigue than normal humans.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: He has shown remarkable martial art skills while combating Spider-Man. He also shows enhanced marksmanship skills, especially for being a master hunter.
  • Tracking Instincts: He was able to track down Spider-Man's team and White Tiger with ease.
  • Tactical Hunting: Being a master hunter, he has all of the knowledge of animalistic powers, being able to deduce Spider-Man's paranormal survival instincts within moments of seeing him in action as well as setting up traps around a zoo and incapacitating Spider-Man's team easily.
  • Guerrilla Warfare: He has shown to be a trained guerrilla fighter. After carefully studying the Iron Fist, Nova, Spider-man and Power-man, he created tactics to take them out from various vantage points within a minute.
  • Mysticism Intuition: He has shown an extensive amount of knowledge of mystical artifacts, such as the White Tiger Amulet or the drums which enhanced White Tiger's aggression. He also has an advanced knowledge of paranormal rituals, such as his immortality ritual. He was also able to use mystical jungle herbs to produce a potion, which releases the beastial form of a man, such as when seen on Spider-Man.
  • While White Tiger Amulet: While wearing the White Tiger Amulet, he gains tiger-like abilities and was turned into a humanoid white tiger.
    • Superhuman Strength: He was able to break through concrete structures and easily overpower Spider-Man and White Tiger. He has the strength of a lion.
    • Superhuman Speed: His speed was also enhanced, being able to move and react like cheetahs.
    • Superhuman Agility: He was able to crawl and leap like leopards.
    • Feline Empathy: He was able to command white tigers to aid in his quest to destroy White Tiger.


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Background in other media

  • This is Kraven the Hunter's fourteenth other media appearance and eighth animated appearance.
  • In the comics, he has no association with the White Tigers and tries to hunt Spider-Man.
  • In the comics, he prefers to fight his opponents hand-to-hand, only occasionally using simplistic weapons such as spears, gas, and rarely guns.
  • In the comics, he is a Russian immigrant and is the half-brother of the fellow Spider-Man villain, the Chameleon.
  • His humanoid White Tiger form may be a reference to his Ultimate comics and Spectacular Spider-Man counterparts, as they had also undergone similar transformations.


  • Kraven the Hunter, Doctor Octopus, and Rhino are the only villains to be in every incarnation of the Sinister Six.
  • Kraven The Hunter, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Scorpion are the only villains to find out Spider-Man's secret identity.


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