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Journey of the Iron Fist
2, 13
Ultimate-Spider-Man Journey-of-the-Iron-Fist.jpg
Air date June 16, 2013
Written by Man of Action & Jacob Semahn
Directed by Roy Burdine
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No outside infidel may trespass on the sacred ground of K'un-Lun!

Journey of the Iron Fist is the 13th episode of the second season of Ultimate Spider-Man. It aired on June 16, 2013.


When Spider-Man travels to K'un L'un to help Iron Fist, the Scorpion plans to destroy them both.


Danny and Spider-Man are sparing on a bridge. Danny almost kicks Spiderman in the face. He warns him "it is better to pay attention than pay for mistakes." As they keep fighting a warrior form K'un-Lun appears. He fights both Danny and Spiderman. When the fight is over Danny is left with a bad scratch on his neck. But he does not notice. Spiderman questions Danny about 'the ninja that handed us our bottoms". Before Danny can answer a master from K'un-Lun appears. He addresses Danny as Daniel Rand. Danny tells Spiderman he has no time to explain and to keep his earthly belongings. He has no more use for them. He bows to the master and takes off his mask. A guard places a white cape over his head and he gets into the car behind him. Spiderman follows Danny to the airport where he finds out Danny is head of a very large company. He hides in the plane and travels to K'un-Lun with Danny. When he lands he meets Scorpion the warrior who tried to take Danny down while in New York. Danny leads spiderman to the monastery where he explains everything that conversation went like this:

After stoping in front of a huge fire Spider-Man tells Danny "talk."

Danny sighed "K'un-Lun, is a very special place. The mystical heart of the world. As such it has been protected from the outside for centuries. I was a wayward child. Who turned my back on one empire to embrace my destiny with another. I was trained by the elders. And told one day I would usher in an arrow of peace. As king of K'un-Lun. So I trained in the ways of honor. And defeated the dragon Sho-Loa (the undying). And earned the iron fist. But to be king, I had to leave the outside world, forever. I was given one year to say my good-byes. And get my affaire sent. Instead, I chose to learn with S.H.I.E.L.D., and you. The monks don't trust the outside world. That believe it is to be corrupt and without honor." Spider-Man cut him off. "That's ridiculous. We have the greatest heroes, sure they are outnumbered five to one by villains, but we have some tv and corn dogs." "There is much to learn from the outside world. The monks are said in their ways. I am to be an honor-bound too" Danny stops talking. And dropped the tool in his hand."Danny, you don't look so hot" Spider-Man cuts in again. "Take the thrown worse, if I don't Scorpio is next in line. K'un-Lun would fall under his rule. He has turned greedy and self -entered. And..." Danny dropped to the ground. He let out a moan of pain. And grabbed his neck where the scratch had been. "Danny, What's wrong?" Spider-Man said. "I don't know. I can't see it Its' all dark. Spider-Man I am blind." He answered.

The master later tells them the blindness is temporary. But Danny is up able to compete in the return of Sho-Loa. A contest the will judge whether he is fit to be king or not. Danny is allowed to choose a champion to fight in his place and he chooses Spiderman. Before the contest, Danny tries to in courage Spiderman by saying "do not take it personally you are a.." "Infidel I know." Spiderman finishes. He takes off. Spiderman gets caught in two of the three challenges. He falls in quick and. And is squeezed by a snake. When Scorpio crosses the finish line first he is caught in the third and final trap. Because Spiderman turned around and saved him he won the contest even though Scorpio crosses the real finish line first. The masters declare Danny the next king of K'un-Lun. Danny fights Scorpio and wins. He tells Spiderman he receives his eyesight back before the race but he did not need eyes to see he was an honorable champion.

In the end Danny is given one more year in the outside world. He thanks the masters. He says then he will come back and take the mantle he has graciously been given.


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