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Jessie Prescott

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Ross Family


J.W. Prescott (father), Beverly Shannon (stepmother), Darla and Caleb Shannon (stepsiblings)

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Halloween Night at the Museum

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Debby Ryan



Jessie Prescott is the nanny to the Ross family, in charge of supervising their children because their parents are rarely at home due to the demands of their careers.
She also is an aspiring actress and singer/musician/songwriter.


Early life

Jessie grew up at Fort Hood, Texas as the only child of J.W. Prescott and her unnamed mother, who both served in the American Army. She had a longstanding rivalry with Darla Shannon, the only daughter of Beverly Shannon. Her father's plan was that she join one of the branches of the American Military and since she preferred a more creative career goal, she left the base to relocate to New York to pursue this dream. Her mother had died sometime prior to Jessie turning 18 under unknown circumstances.


Jessie is currently employed as the primary supervising adult nanny to the Ross family, a wealthy celebrity couple consisting of a movie director and a former model/business mogul. Her father is currently stationed at Fort Davey, where he married Beverly Shannon, giving Jessie the Shannon siblings as family members. Jessie accepted Caleb Shannon as a brother, but due to her unending feud with Darla, is far less tolerant of this addition to her family.

Powers and Abilities

  • Physical Strength: Jessie is physically strong, to the point of being to being able to lift or move heavy objects. She's also been capable of breaking through locked wooden doors using just her hands.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Jessie has extensive training in unarmed combat, being capable of fighting off three opponents simultaneously.
  • Sharpshooter: Jessie is a expert sharpshooter. She's also qualified with sniper rifles.
  • Pilot Qualifications: She is a fully qualified helicopter pilot. Although she is also capable of flying light airplanes if necessary.
  • Military Protocols: She's fully educated as to military command structures and protocols due to her military education.


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