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Jefferson Davis

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Miles Morales (son)
Rio Morales (wife)

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Miles From Home (portrait)

Jefferson Davis was a New York Police officer and the husband of Rio Morales and the father of Miles Morales.

Physical Appearance

As shown in the family photo, Jefferson Davis is a bald man who wore a police uniform.


Not much is known about Jefferson's personality but it can be assumed that he loved his family. It is also mentioned that he believed in responsibility by helping people before helping himself which is one of a few inspirations that Miles Morales used to become the Ultimate Spider-Man


Season 3: Web-Warriors

The Spider-Verse: Part 3

Jefferson Davis is only mentioned when Miles meets the alternate Spider-Man from the main universe where he states that his parents would kill him if he's dead.

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6

Miles From Home

A while later, it is implied he is deceased as Rio speaks about him in past tense when looking at the family picture of herself, Miles and Jefferson and stating the latter always helped everyone else before helping himself. She states Miles got that from his father, as Miles comforts her on this.

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4

It is further confirmed that he has passed as Rio says Miles is her only family when she and her son decided to stay in the main universe.


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  • In Miles' first appearance, Jefferson was implied alive but passed away in the time after.
  • His cause of death is unknown.
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