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J. Jonah Jameson

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J Jonah Jabberwocky

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Daily Bugle Communications


John Jameson (Son)

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Great Power

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The Symbiote Saga: Part 2

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J.K. Simmons


John Jonah Jameson is the publisher of the newspaper establishment Daily Bugle and presentator of Daily Bugle Communications.


He was seen in every television around the city, always talking crazy about Spider-Man being a "menace", while some other people call the web-head a hero. Jameson never appeared in person only in screens.

In Parker's dream, Jameson was nice to Spider-Man and saying positive things about him on the huge TV screen while other heroes held him high. When the phone rang, he asked web-head if he's gonna answer that, thus ending Parker's dream.

In response to people accusing him of being biased against Spider-Man, Jameson once brought a fan of Spider-Man to say something on the hero's behalf but, to Spidey's dismay, the screen was destroyed during a battle before the fan showed up.


He is an annoying and arrogant person. He mostly dislikes Spider-Man and he thinks that Spider-Man is a "menace" to all of New York and is always criticising him for his actions, even though they are pure good. His obsession with Spider-Man is so great that he mentions the wall-crawler in all his broadcasts, even when he is not involved in anything criminal.

In a dream, Jameson has a very positive personality, saying good words on his report about Spider-Man's heroic actions on screen before the dream was interrupted.

Physical Appearance

J. Jonah Jameson is a middle-aged Caucasian man with brown and white hair, beard and has a cranky face. His appearance was only seen in every television in New York.

In Peter Parker's dream, he has a happy facial expression.


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2015 10
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  • Will Harangue of Ben 10 series is based on J. Jonah Jameson himself, as they are both Newscasters or Publishers and show a hatred towards the main character of the series (here Spider-Man).            
  • He is voiced by J.K Simmons reprising his role from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy.
    • This is the second time J.K Simmons had a main role in a Man of Action production he previously voiced White Knight in Generator Rex an animated series created by Man of Action.
  • Five of his respective counterparts are shown with them being: J. Jonah Jackal, J. Jonah Jameson 2099, J. Jonah Jameson (Noir), J. Jonah Jameson (Ultimate Universe), J. Jonah James' Son, and J. Joanne Jameson.


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