Vulture Green Hydra Armor

The Iron Vulture Armor is an armor created by Doctor Octopus who equips Vulture with it and uses it.


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Wing Harness
  • Self-Mental Control


Vulture Black Hydra Armor

The Iron Vulture Armor is a green armor with wings without the arms attached. It became black after Doctor Octopus used nanobots to mind control Vulture.


Doctor Octopus equipped Vulture with the armor to kill Norman Osborn and to find his memories, but after Vulture found out that Doctor Octopus was lying, he tried to kill him. Doctor Octopus infected the suit with nanobots to control Vulture. The armor was also used when Spider-Man and Iron Spider were led on purpose by Vulture to Doctor Octopus's hideout.

It was later used when Spider-Man and his teams fought against the Superior Sinister Six members. During the final battle against Spider-Man, the armor was destroyed when Spider-Man shot a curing dart into Vulture who turns back to normal and regains his memories.


  • The Iron Vulture Armor's look resembles the Spider-Man: Homecoming version.


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