Iron Vulture
4, 4
Vulture Black Hydra Armor
Air date March 6, 2016
Written by Jacob Semahn
Directed by Young Ki Yoon
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You tangled with the wrong web of The Tangled Web. No, you guys are right. That just felt dumb. Kid Arachnid is the way to go.

Iron Vulture is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Ultimate Spider-Man


Spider-Man is determined to stop Doctor Octopus from eliminating Norman Osborn.


They play a snowboarding game and after Miles demonstrates a jump, Harry is amazed by him and asks where he met him in which Peter sarcastically replies that he's good at video games because he's good at pushing buttons. Harry asks him if he's ready for "battle mode" which confuses Miles and Harry demonstrates by having his game character throws snowballs at Miles' game character which makes Peter correct Miles about there being "battle mode". Miles beats Harry in the game in which Harry congratulates him but reveals that he will get "schooled" when the record holder gets back and Miles asks who it is. Norman returns from work and Harry and Peter Parker introduce him to Miles Morales. Norman asks Miles if he wants to try for the game record after learning that Miles beat Harry. Norman beats Miles in the snowboarding game which keeps his record safe (due to him having been using his Goblin Glider for a few years) with Harry revealing that he knew he had Miles the whole time. Norman thanks the boys for coming over because it's good to have a normal night and discovers that pizza was brought. They then hear a screech in which Harry believes to be a sick bird.

They are interrupted by the arrival of Vulture who is in HYDRA Armor. He reveals to Norman that Doctor Octopus sends his condolences on his passing. He uses a sonic screech to make part of the roof collapse on everyone but they dodge it. Norman orders the boys to get to the safe room but Vulture follows them. Peter and Miles argue about who protects who before Vulture threatens to use his sonic screech on them while claiming that there won’t be another time and for what it's worth, he is sorry. He uses his sonic screech but the boys duck before Norman in the Iron Patriot Armor arrives and saves them. He tells Vulture that Doctor Octopus can threaten his life but his son will always be protected by him and blasts Vulture before fighting him. Peter and Miles argue about who goes with Harry to the safe room and who calls for help until Harry breaks it up by telling them that all of them should get to the safe room before calling for help. Harry takes them to the safe room which he reveals to be made of vibranium alloy but Peter and Miles leave while Harry gets locked up. Harry accesses the computer and watches his father battle Vulture. When Vulture gains the upper hand against Iron Patriot, Harry becomes worried until he presses a button which activates the room and reveals other armors.

Doc Ock remarks to Vulture that he had wanted the honor of killing Spider-Man and his "Kid Arachnid" for himself. Hearing this, Miles decides to take that moniker as his new alias. Doctor Octopus orders Vulture to help him destroy Iron Patriot and they will have access to his memories. After they gain the upper hand and are about to finish them off, Harry arrives in one of his father’s iron armor suits and now calls himself "Patrioteer" to help fight Vulture. This makes Kid Arachnid joke about him being a hero for almost two seconds and already has a hero ego. Vulture attacks him but Patrioteer dodges and blasts at him. Iron Patriot aids him in blasting Vulture before ordering him to get away immediately but Patrioteer refuses. Iron Patriot reveals that he created his armors to keep him safe and not put him in danger but Patrioteer reminds him that he is not a kid anymore before Vulture kicks him away and pins Iron Patriot down. He starts ripping his armor apart but Patrioteer kicks him away. Norman starts to become proud of his son when he and Spider-Man watch and Patrioteer gains the upper hand against Vulture. Spider-Man tells him that he is not trained and asks if he should be worried but Norman assures that his son showed him that he needs to give him the freedom to protect himself. After Vulture is defeated by Patrioteer, he demands that he should give him Iron Patriot's database in his helmet before Doctor Octopus angrily accepts. He then proceeds to attack everyone else while Vulture puts the Iron Patriot helmet on and accesses the database. He finds that his memories aren't in the database and becomes angry.

Doctor Octopus knocks Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid down before pinning Patrioteer down. He taunts him about dressing up in his father's suit and that every Osborn is pathetic. Patrioteer tells him that he is not the scared child that he knew anymore before Doctor Octopus decides to destroy him. Fortunately, Vulture attacks Doctor Octopus for lying to him after Spider-Man convinces him that Doctor Octopus is lying. Unfortunately, Doctor Octopus, who still wants Vulture to be a candidate for his Sinister Six, uses one of his tentacles to infect Vulture's armor with nanobots, turning it black and mind controlling him. He then orders Vulture to destroy Spider-Man but Kid Arachnid saves Spider-Man from being eliminated by Vulture and Patrioteer stops Doctor Octopus from escaping and before Kid Arachnid defeats him. Norman congratulates his son and apologizes for doubting him. Vulture manages to tell Spider-Man that Doctor Octopus has a spy in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy before losing his free will and escapes.

Doctor Octopus is then taken prisoner to the Triskelion. He tells Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid that this is a setback for his genius and reminds Spider-Man about the last time he tried to contain him. Spider-Man tells him that he does remember but they redesigned it and added tighter security. The two are then alone where Spider-Man apologizes to Kid Arachnid for being overprotective and Kid Arachnid forgives him before asking why he would step in front of him in battles. Spider-Man then reveals that ever since he brought him to the main universe, he had stranded him from his home, family and friends but Miles assures him that it's not his fault. Peter reveals that he rushes into battle and that he wants to get him home in one piece but Miles reminds him that he watched his Peter Parker get killed and he didn't want him to suffer the same fate. The two agree to work together without being over-protective. The two then decide to gather up the rest of the spiders to find the spy that Vulture hinted.


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  • Doc Ock references his last meeting with Miles and Spider-Man, which occurred in Miles From Home.
  • Miles gets the name Kid Arachnid in this episode.
  • Iron Vulture tells Spider-Man that there is a spy in S.H.I.E.L.D., but couldn't tell.



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