Iron Mouse
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Iron Mouse

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The Spider-Verse: Part 2

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The Spider-Verse: Part 2

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Steven Weber

Iron Mouse is an alternate reality counterpart to Iron Mouse.


Early career

Iron Mouse is one of the Avengers who recruited Spider-Ham until he quit being a superhero after J. Jonah Jackal called him a failure which made everyone see his point.

Season 3: Web-Warriors

The Spider-Verse: Part 2

When Green Goblin uses the Siege Perilous with Electro as it's power source to open gateways to universes parallel to their own, Spider-Man follows his arch-nemesis to the 2099 Universe, the Gender Flipped Universe, the Noir Universe before heading to the Larval Universe. Iron Mouse is heading for Spider-Ham's home until Green Goblin passes by him by going to the next universe. After Spider-Man and Spider-Ham fight him, Green Goblin still manages to get a few hairs from Spider-Ham and leaves while passing Iron Mouse in the process. Iron Mouse arrives at Spider-Ham's home and asks about needing help with Green Goblin but Spider-Ham reveals that they already took care of him until Spider-Man reminds him that he saved his "bacon". Iron Man asks Spider-Ham if he's ready to rejoin the Avengers. Spider-Ham asks his counterpart what he thinks but Spider-Man instead finds out that Tony Stark is a mouse is awesome until Spider-Ham hits him. Spider-Man reasons that he can't tell him what to do and reveals about the "With great power, comes great responsibility" which Spider-Ham pronounces as "With great porker, comes great responsibility". This makes Spider-Man find it weird but Spider-Ham and Iron Mouse are happy to be a hero again. Spider-Ham and Spider-Man bid each other farewell before Spider-Man heads into the next universe.


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