Human Hydro-Man

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Morris Bench

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Water Boy
Slow Drip

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Metahuman|Human Mutate



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HYDRA (formerly)
Sinister Seven (formerly)


Water Manipulation




Member of the Sinister Seven (formerly)

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Force of Nature

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The New Sinister Six: Part 2

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James Arnold Taylor

Hydro-Man is a character that appeared in Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister 6 episode "Force of Nature". He is a member of the Sinister Seven.


In human form, he is a muscular man with brown hair with the sides and part of the back being tortilla and blues eyes. He wore grey detention facility clothes before he wore blue armor with a HYDRA symbol on the chest.

In water form, all of his body is water.


Hydro-Man is an evil criminal who proved that Nick Fury couldn't control him. He was very manipulative to the Web-Warriors by tricking them into thinking that he knew Director Fury so that he can escape his imprisonment. However, he is also shown to be arrogant when he believes that he can't be beaten which proved to be his downfalls in both his battles with the Web-Warriors and Sandman. He was also shown to willingly take orders from Doctor Octopus after he was freed by him.


Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister 6

Force of Nature

When the Web-Warriors (consisting of Spider-ManIron Spider, Scarlet Spider, and Kid Arachnid (the Ultimate Spider-Man from the Ultimate Universe)) answer a distress signal that might have been from Nick Fury (who had disappeared after HYDRA took over the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarrier.) at an abandoned mall in Queens, they find a vacuum-sealed room where Hydro-Man was being held. After searching, Hydro-Man grabs Kid Arachnid who mistakes him for ghost water. He grabs Iron Spider and Scarlet Spider except Spider-Man who comments that it's not Director Fury after he reveals himself. Hydro-Man tries to grab him but misses him and Spider-Man demands that he let go of them and calls him a "Wet-Willie". Hydro-Man refuses and reveals that it's not his name. While blasting water at him, Spider-Man apologizes to "Water Boy" and points out that he hasn't introduced himself. Hydro-Man accuses them of being the ones attacking him but Spider-Man retorts about it being opposite day while shooting web into his face but this has no effect on him. Iron Spider realizes that Hydro-Man is made of water and blasts him which makes him let go of them. Kid Arachnid in confused by how a "ghost" can be made out of water in which Iron Spider angrily points out that he isn't a ghost while Scarlet Spider angrily retorts that he hates getting wet with Spider-Man pointing out that he hates "everything". However, Hydro-Man reforms and turns into water with Kid Arachnid still thinking that he is a ghost and has entered the ghostly dimension which annoys Iron Spider further until they see that he has clones himself. Kid Arachnid wonders how they can defeat him and jokes about needing a giant sponge while Spider-Man decides that he needs Director Fury's sense to know how to contain him. Hydro-Man then asks if he just said Nick Fury's name and asks where he is and Spider-Man reveals that they thought he was in the mall. Hydro-Man then asks if they work for S.H.I.E.L.D. and Scarlet Spider confirms that they are and threateningly asks him if he's got a problem with it. Hydro-Man reveals his name to be Morris Bench and "apologizes" for attacking them because he thought they didn't belong down in the S.H.I.E.L.D. base and that he was going to capture them for Director Fury. Spider-Man and Iron Spider ask about his "connection" to Director Fury and Morris reveals that he is the only one who knows about his "work" in the S.H.I.E.L.D. base to control his volatile nature and that Director Fury wanted to keep it a secret with Spider-Man agreeing with him. Iron Spider asks about the signal but Morris reveals that he didn't send one and is glad that they came because ever since Director Fury stopped showing up, he worried that nobody would come to the abandoned mall. When asked about the protection, Morris reveals that Director Fury was afraid someone would capture him like Dr. Otto Octavius and Norman Osborn with Spider-Man revealing to know them (due to him having fought Norman as his ego, "Green Goblin" and Octavius now going by the name of "Doctor Octopus" many times) and that they're not the latest boy band. Spider-Man tells him that they don't know when Director Fury's coming back, that they can't leave him in the facility and to take him back to the Triskelion and Morris agrees with him. While flying in the Spider-Jet to the Triskelion, Kid Arachnid asks if he is not a ghost with Morris confirming that he isn't. However, Iron Spider hacks into Director Fury's private files and starts to realize that Morris isn't a nice guy. Iron Spider shockingly discovers and reveals to Spider-Man that Morris's ego name is Hydro-Man, that he is bad, that he wasn't being taken care of by Director Fury and they had him in solitary top secret. Spider-Man decides to turn back to the facility which makes Hydro-Man suspicious and asks why they're turning around with Iron Spider trying to pretend they aren't. After being surrounded by Scarlet Spider and Kid Arachnid, Hydro-Man tells them not to play games with him and attacks the Web-Warriors. While holding them, he taunts them about taking them long enough to figure out everything about him. While, Scarlet Spider and Kid Arachnid hold him down, he decides until he can destroy Fury, he can destroy them before letting go of Spider-Man and Iron Spider and shortens out the instrument panel. Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider fight him, but their hits have no effect on him and he easily knocks them down. He thanks them fro freeing him and proceeds to escape through the vent. The Web-Warriors are able to escape and crash land the Spider-Jet into the neighbourhood in which Spider-Man as "Peter Parker" lives. He turns into rain droplets and swears to get revenge on Director Fury fro keeping him imprisoned for years with Spider-Man commenting that he can't imagine Director Fury would want him behind bars. Hydro-Man appears by singing the "Itsy Bisty Spider" song and proceeds to try and drown the Web-Warriors but they manage to escape. Hydro-Man tells them that they are just as tenacious as Director Fury but not as smart and continues attacking them. Iron Spider decides that they need a new plan but Spider-Man reveals that he's too powerful and that they need to cut off his water supply. Hydro-Man manages to knock Spider-Man down until Scarlet Spider hurls a drain cover at him which manages to take him down while calling him "Slow Drip". Spider-Man gets an idea and orders Iron Spider to have S.H.I.E.L.D. shut down the water supply in the area and to get freeze webs which Iron Spider agrees with. Hydro-Man attacks Kid Arachnid who manages to dodge all his attacks before knocking Scarlet Spider down. he taunts the Web-Warriors that Director Fury feared him because he couldn't control him before knocking Kid Arachnid down. He then asks them what chance they have if Director Fury couldn't control him and proceeds to turn into a water tornado. Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid decide to keep him occupied while Scarlet Spider is sent to warn Spider-Man's aunt, May Reilly. Hydro-Man continues attacking them while taunting about Director Fury keeping him buried so deep while calling Spider-Man a naive lackey and that he is unstoppable. However, Kid Arachnid and Spider-Man manage to knock him down, but he threatens to level the city and that everyone can thank him and Director Fury for his vengeance and knocks Kid Arachnid away. Spider-Man punches him until Hydro-Man traps him in water to drown him to see if he's one of those "water spiders". Unfortunately, Iron Spider returns and gives the other Web-Warriors, web tasers to tie Hydro-Man up and free Spider-Man. The Web-Warriors use their ice tasers to tie him up until Hydro-Man breaks free and proceeds to attack Aunt May much to Spider-Man's shock. Fortunately, Scarlet Spider prevents him by throwing a web taser to freeze him. Unfortunately, Hydro-Man breaks out and knocks the Web-Warriors way before attacking them in gaint form. Spider-Man then gets and idea and gets himself and Kid Arachnid to remove their ice taser and throw them into Hydro-Man's mouth. He thinks it won't effect him but the webs start to explode in him and and suck him up like a sponge. Hydro-Man is then taken into a S.H.I.E.L.D. convoy to return him back to his detention facility. However, it is revealed that the S.H.I.E.L.D. convoy that was returning Hydro-Man back to his detention facility had been attacked. Spider-Man then realizes that the stress signal that they followed was never sent by Director Fury but Doctor Octopus (whose appearance was changed by nanobots to looking like a ninety year old man and configured into a life supporting armor), who has now recruited another member of the Sinister Six. He also believes that Doctor Octopus is becoming more powerful than ever and that he and his friends must stop him.

The New Sinister Six: Part 1

Later, the New Sinister Six (consisting of Doctor Octopus, Electro, Rhino, Kraven the Hunter, the Ultimate Green Goblin and Hydro-Man) arrive to attack the Triskelion. Doctor Octopus announces the members to the Web-Warriors and this makes Spider-Man see that Doctor Octopus has finally completed the Sinister Six before telling Doctor Octopus not to be predictable. The Web-Warriors prepare to fight but Spider-Man has them retreat into the Triskelion where they get the New Warriors’ help. Meanwhile, Doctor Octopus tells his allies that the day has come and reveals about Spider-Man and his friends being in their way before asking what they are going to do and they answer that they should destroy them. They all pull the hatch of the roof off and prepare to go inside but Spider-Man, the Web-Warriors, and the New Warriors appear on the roof before them. The teams fight and during the fight, Rhino reveals that he was never the spy in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy and before Spider-Man can ask who it is, Hydro-Man knocks him away. Spider-Man calls him "Wipe-Out" and Hydro-Man asks if he is thirsty before blasting at him. Spider-Man comments that he is already hydrated before him and Cloak proceed to hit him but this still has no effect on him with Spider-Man commenting that it's like punching a bath and he attacks them. Cloak wonders how they can beat him until Spider-Man tells him to give him a trip. Hydro-Man turns giant and taunts that they can't beat an elemental until Cloak comments about not when they run but when they can teleport and transports him to the middle of the atlantic ocean which forces him to try and return. During the fight with the other four members, Doctor Octopus takes the opportunity to get inside and try to take the Anti-HYDRA weapon with Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider finding him. Spider-Man realizes that he only used his allies to distract the teams so that he can get the Anti-HYDRA weapon. After defeating the Ultimate Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus reveals that the Ultimate Green Goblin only kept him occupied while he got the weapon. Spider-Man asks about how long he is going to hold onto the weapon and Doctor Octopus answers that he'll hold it long enough if he has anything to say about it. Spider-Man sees that Hydro-Man has returned since his fight with Cloak. Spider-Man tries to contact his friends but Doctor Octopus reveals he is jamming the communication signals and that they can't hear him. Hydro-Man destroys the Triskelion and has everyone fighting for survival. Doctor Octopus compliments Hydro-Man for making an entrance and orders him to secure the perimeter so that no one can get in or out. Hydro-Man then proceeds to turn into a tornado to prevent anyone from escaping. It is then revealed that Scarlet Spider was the real spy in the Triskelion and that Doctor Octopus actually created the "Sinister Seven".

The New Sinister Six: Part 2

After Scarlet Spider leaves to get the Anti-HYDRA weapon's key at Aunt May's house, Spider-Man proceeds to go after him. Hydro-Man taunts him about not getting past him because he is a "Force of Nature" with Spider-Man telling him about being the same. Spider-Man shoots web at him but Hydro-Man grabs him and throws him on sand. He tauntingly thanks Spider-Man for freeing him until he sees Spider-Man talking to the sand to help and that now is the time to stand up to Doctor Octopus and taunts about him being the only one left. Doctor Octopus then orders Hydro-Man to destroy the Triskelion while he leaves to help Scarlet Spider to get the key. Before Hydro-Man can destroy it, Sandman prevents him which surprises Hydro-Man. Sandman tells him that his name is Flint Marko but he can be called by his ego. Hydro-Man is surprised by another elemental person before Sandman reveals that Spider-Man showed him nothing but respect and compassion before complimenting if Hydro-man should say the same thing for Doctor Octopus. Hydro-Man tells him that compassion is overrated before punching Sandman. Sandman tells Spider-Man to go stop Doctor Octopus while he deals with Hydro-Man in which Spider-Man does and Sandman and Hydro-Man fight. Hydro-Man tries to punch him but Sandman dodges and punches him down. Sandman reveals that he wanted to stay out of this war before Hydro-Man taunts him that he should but Sandman reveals that unlike him, he is loyal to the right side. They then notices a green laser in the sky (Doctor Octopus having gotten the key to the Anti-HYDRA weapon and turning HYDRA Island (the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tri-Carrier having been changed by nanobots) into OCTOPUS Island). Hydro-Man takes advantage of the distraction and knocks Sandman down. After Scarlet Spider defects from Doctor Octopus (having realized that Doctor Octopus only treated him like a servant and didn't truly care about him) and destroys the Anti-HYDRA weapon, he stays to crash OCTOPUS Island into the ocean while Spider-Man and Aunt May escape into an escape pod and Doctor Octopus escapes as well. When Sandman tries to save the pod, Hydro-Man tries to interfere. Sandman finally having had enough knocks Hydro-Man down and defeats him for good.

The Symbiote Saga: Part 1

Hydro-Man is only seen a flashback when Spider-Man explains the events of when the Sinister Seven attacked the Triskelion.


Friends and Allies


Powers and Abilities

  • Hydrokinetic Physiology: Due to an accident, his body was transformed into watery liquid state.
    • Immortal: Since his entire cellular structure is made of water molecules instead of living biological tissue, he cannot die by natural means of age or illness. It is also nearly impossible to kill or destroy him since he is water itself.
    • Metamorphosis: He was able to shape-shift his size upon will & even convert into his human form. He can even transform himself into a liquid state, water vapor or even rain.
      • Self-Size Manipulation: he can grow into an enormous size, further enhancing his hydrokinetic attacks, superhuman strength & durability.
    • Superhuman Strength: He has displayed a degree of enhanced strength while combating the Web Warriors.
    • Self-Reformation: Due to his nature, he has displayed reformative abilities which resemble instantaneous regenerative powers. Whenever Spider-man tried to physically harm him, he just reformed instantly.
      • Nigh-Invulnerability: Due to his physical nature, he cannot be harmed by physical force.
    • Hydrokinesis: He can absorb more water in order to increase is physical density, mass & size. He can even create a huge tidal wave, which can drown the entire Triskelion.
      • Hydrokinetic Blasts: He can generate water blasts from his body with ease.
  • Manipulation: He was able to manipulate the Web Warriors into taking him out of his prison & into the city.
  • Hand-to-hand Combat: He makes excellent use of his hydrokinetic abilities in combat against the Spider-Men.


  • Freezing: Freezing him can incapacitate him for as long as the ice can maintain its structure.
  • Water Absorption: Anything that can act like a sponge can soak him up, thereby easily incapacitating him.
  • Paranoia: His paranoia worked against him when the Web Warriors saw through his manipulatory skills.
  • Soul Molecules: By physically traumatizing the part of water which houses his soul & mind, he can attain significant damage. This was seen when Sandman punched him and unknowingly punched the part of his body which contained his soul, therefore it caused him a great deal of unbearable pain and knocked him out.


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  • Fourth animated appearance of Hydro-Man, the first in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, the second in Fantastic Four (1994 TV Series) and the third in The Spectacular Spider-Man.


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