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Hail, HYDRA!
— HYDRA's main quote

HYDRA is a terrorist-criminal-paramilitary organization bent on world domination. It was founded in ancient times as a secret society centered around the fanatical worship of a powerful Inhuman that was exiled to the planet Maveth by ancient Inhumans. Ever since his banishment, the cult has been determined to bring him back to Earth to commence a planetary takeover. Over the centuries, the cult evolved, taking many forms, with its most recent incarnation coming into existence shortly after the rise of Nazism in Germany by Johann Schmidt as the scientific branch of the Nazi Schutzstaffel. During this time, the cult took on the name HYDRA, which has become the organization's most colloquial label. During World War II, Schmidt separated HYDRA from Nazi Germany to start his own conquest of the world. The organisation serves as the secondary antagonistic faction of Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs the Sinister 6. It is an enemy of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Hydra goons made a brief appearance of being beaten up by Nick Fury in Spidey's imagination.

It is also referenced in the episode "S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy" when Iron Spider and Spider-Man accidentally free old Hydra scientist Arnim Zola from containment.

Appearing in the two-part episode "HYDRA Attacks," Doctor Octopus collaborates with Arnim Zola into taking over the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tri-Carrier by using a special Octobot to take control of Swarm to convert it into HYDRA Island and attack Spider-Man and Nick Fury with an army of Goblins made from Hydra soldiers. With help from Norman Osborn, Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider use a modified cure for the Goblin Serum to regress the Hydra Goblins back to normal. After freeing Agent Venom and Iron Spider, Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider send the HYDRA Island to Saturn with Arnim Zola still on it while Doctor Octopus escapes.

Arnim Zola was able to return HYDRA Island to near Earth's orbit at the time when Doctor Octopus worked to remove the Venom symbiote from Flash Thompson.

Spider-Man and Triton encounter Crossbones and his HYDRA  Agents at the abandoned Inhuman city of Atarog. It is revealed that Crossbones captured Nick Fury to use him as a bargaining chip in order to obtain Madame Web, but Spider-Man and Triton are able to save Fury and defeat Crossbones' forces after receiving mixed signals and very little assistance from Madame Web's precognitions.

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