King Goblin
Biographical information
Real name

Norman Osborn

Alternative name(s)

The Goblin

Physical description

Human/Goblin Hybrid



Personal information


Production details
First appearance

Nightmare on Christmas

Voiced by

Steven Weber

The Goblin King is an incarnation of The Goblin who only appeared in Spider-Man's dream of a bad future that happens only when Spider-Man gives up being Spider-Man in a dream version of the present.


The Goblin King ruled the entire world after Peter Parker gives up being Spider-Man and killed most of the heroes along with S.H.I.E.L.D. as well as capturing Hawkeye and Nova and after Peter Parker decides to become Spider-Man he goes and searches for the Nova and Hawkeye only to meet his long time nemesis as the Goblin King and then the Goblin King uses Mjolnir and fights Spider-Man and eventually Spider-Man defeated the Goblin King.

Background in other media

  • This is the Goblin King's first animated appearance.
  • In the comics the Green Goblin takes on the identity of the Goblin King before being defeated by Spider-Man and having Phil Urich taking on the Goblin King mantle.
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