Captain Stacy
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George Stacy

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Captain Stacy

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New York Police Department


Gwen Stacy (daughter)

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Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4

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Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4

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Robert Clotworthy

Captain George Stacy is the captain of the New York Police Department and the father of Gwen Stacy who is secretly Spider-Gwen.

Physical Appearance

George Stacy appears to be a middle-aged man with gray eyes as well as gray hair. He wears a white shirt with a gun west on it, a light red tie, dark brown pants and dark and light brown shoes.


As a result of the crime rate growing, George has become bitter towards vigilantes and villains.

After a talk with Rio Morales, George gained a new perspective and he voiced his support to his daughter of her activities as a hero.


After the Ultimate Spider-Man disappears, Gwen Stacy assumes the role of Spider-Woman and becomes a superhero in Miles Morales' place but also had to deal with her father's pursuit of vigilantes.

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4

When Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid (a new spider name for Miles Morales) were sent to recover the shards of the destroyed Siege Perilous, they enter into the Vampire Universe, the Pirate Universe, Wild West Universe, the Noir Universe before heading to the Ultimate Universe. Just as Miles is celebrating on returning to his dimension, he and Spider-Man see Spider-Woman fleeing from the police. After cornering her and meeting her, they are surrounded by the police. Captain Stacy announces that they are under arrest and demands that they surrender or they be forced to use the "buck-up" which are revealed to be robots who attack them. Spider-Man tries to reason with Captain Stacy about being the good guys but Kid Arachnid saves him while suggesting that they don't get blasted. Captain Stacy points out about vigilantes and crooks being on the same side of the coin and that as long as they hide behind masks, nobody is above the law. After Spider-Woman, Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid defeat the robots, Captain Stacy believes it to be destruction of police property but the Spiders escape much to his annoyance after finding a card on the money. Later, Ultimate Aunt May helps the spiders locate a fragment of the Siege Perilous to the police station and they form a plan to get to it, with Gwen distracting her father. Captain Stacy is demanding that Spider-Woman be found until he sees his daughter entering. Gwen reveals that she came by with cookies and jokes that some of them are not burnt. Captain Stacy reveals that it's been a mad house in the station with Gwen agreeing with him. He then reveals that two more vigilantes appeared dressed like the old Spider-Man and that they've got to find them and stop them. Gwen asks if he thinks that they might be doing some good but Captain Stacy sternly tells her that just because they have powers doesn't put them above the law and if they wear masks, they're hiding something. Gwen "agrees" with him and he gently reveals that he's just using her as a reminder of that they're fighting for the honest people in the city. Unknown to him, Gwen secretly puts the interception device in his computer which gives Ultimate Aunt May access to security and Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid enter the station. However, after gaining the fragments, they are confronted by Wolf Spider (an evil spider-person whose been following them around the multiverse.) who reveals to have Rio Morales hostage and gives them a choice of giving him the rest of the fragments or Rio gets hurt. Ultimate Aunt May guides them to a power generator and to use their taser-webs. This succeeds but it also attracts Captain Stacy and the police. While Captain Stacy leaves, Gwen takes the interception device and leaves to change into her superhero identity. Captain Stacy confronts the spiders but Wolf Spider, who reveals himself to have four bio-organic spider arms, throws lockers on him to prevent him from interfering. Spider-Woman joins the fight and manages to save her father from falling debris and he flees. However, Wolf Spider escapes and the spiders and Rio are forced to flee from Captain Stacy much to his anger. Later after Wolf Spider's defeat, the three spiders head back to the surface only to run into Captain Stacy. He reveals that he now knows that his daughter is Spider-Woman because after he followed a trail to an explosion to Miles' apartment, that Rio helped him see things with a new perspective and understands why she couldn't tell him and he and Gwen make amends. Spider-Man along with Kid Arachnid and Rio leave for the main dimension while letting Spider-Woman be the Ultimate Universe's new protector.



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