Flight of the Iron Spider
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Flight of the Iron Spider
Air date 22 April, 2012
Written by Man of Action
Directed by Phil Pignotti
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Do you have what it takes to defeat Iron Man? Would you kill Stark to do it?

Flight of the Iron Spider is the 5th episode of the first season of Ultimate Spider-Man. It aired on April 22, 2012.


Tony Stark develops an iron spider suit for Spider-Man.


Living Laser killing moment

Living Laser trying to kill the trainees.

J. Jonah Jameson is complaining and whining about Spider-Man on the Daily communications. Spider-Man is being chased by the Living Laser, who shreds his costume and destroys the screen. The team (Nova, Power Man, Iron Fist and White Tiger) comes and reminds of the files about Living Laser. Living Laser grows large and is decipitated by an unknown blast. Iron Man arrives, which made Spider-Man excited.

Tony is bragging at Nick Fury, who is getting annoyed. Spider-Man tells his team about Tony's past. Spider-Man interrupts the conversation and tells them they can track the photon pattern. Tony chides Spider-Man's torned costume and offers guidance. Fury tells Tony not to involve him with anything, Tony then leaves the scene nd asks Spider-Man to come visit Stark Industries on Saturday.

Spider-Man amazement

Spider-Man is amazed in Stark Industries.

Spider-Man ignores the warning and goes to Stark Industries. Spider-Man gets a tour around the vicinity, even the molecular disruption chamber. Tony then presents Spider-Man a new armored suit. At the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, the team are training until Spider-Man arrives with the Iron Spider Armor, without the experience Spider-Man goes out of control and almost get his teammates hurt and destroyed the training room. They gather around for a meeting about his armor and he should throw it away. Spider-Man shows example of the fights against the Blizzard, Firebrand and Melter, which trouble with the suit also brewed.

When Living Laser returns, Fury gathered the team (except Spider-Man) and send them off. As they confronted Living Laser, Spider-Man arrives at the scene and looses the control of the suit. Living Laser takes care of Spider-Man and supposedly leaves the scene. The team complains about Spider-Man and that he is being arrogant. As the team leaves, Spider-Man is trying to leave, but his suit is getting out of control. He notices that he can't control anymore and that Living Laser has control of the suit.

Livins Laser attacking Iron Man

Living Laser controlling Spider-Man's armor attacks Iron Man.

Fury contacts Iron Man about the suit, Iron Man tells him not to worry and shuts the communications off. Spider-Man controlled by Living Laser attacks Iron Man, but is getting hold on him. Living Laser threatens Iron Man that he will fry the suit of Spider-Man, if he doesn't shut off his security. Iron Man sacrifices himself and lets himself be taken over by Living Laser, he then leaves the scene.

Spider-Man repairs his suit and improves the armor. He is confronted by the other team members. He tells them that Living Laser controls Stark Industries and he wants to solve this alone. The team disagree with it and wants to help him, even if by disobeying Fury's orders and prepare to leave. In Stark Industries Living Laser is trying to steal the designs, but gets interrupted by Spider-Man and his team. Spider-Man with the new improved suit fights off Living Laser and orders J.A.R.V.I.S. to hack Iron Man's armor, they succeeded to wake Tony up and made Living Laser leave the armor. Spider-Man tells Iron Man his plan to seal Living Laser. Iron Man distracts Living Laser and with his team run to the molecular disruption chamber. Iron Man leads Living Laser to the chamber, when Spider-Man activated and transported Living Laser to another dimension. The team wonders where he went, which Iron Man and Spider-Man replies that they don't know.

Spider-Man's apology

Peter apologizes to his teammates.

Living Laser reveals that he arrived in the Super Hero Squad universe and gets knocked out by Thor. Back at Spider-Man reality, Peter apologizes to his team. Fury arrives and order the team to leave, except Peter. Fury shows the iron suit with new improvents. The suit reforms into a backpack, which excites Peter. Fury wonders if he can control it yet, Peter accidently activates it and transforms the suit and gets covered in a mess. Fury leaves him and tells him that he has to clean it up, which made Peter ask for help.


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  • This episode's Fury Files showcases Iron Fist.

Marvel references

  • One of the alternate realities that appeared when Living Laser was transported is from The Super Hero Squad Show.
  • Spider-Ham also made a cameo in this episode, he comes from the Earth-8311 universe.



Do you have what it takes to defeat Iron Man?Would you kill Stark to do it? -Living Laser



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