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Exclusive USM 01
Air date May 6, 2012
Written by Man of Action & Dani Wolff
Directed by Alex Soto
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Hulk? Here? In Manhattan? Ungood...

Exclusive is the 7th episode of the first season of Ultimate Spider-Man. It aired on May 6, 2012.


Mary Jane gets Spider-Man to agree to a video interview and she gets an exclusive when she records a battle between Spidey and Hulk.


Mary Jane tells her friends she is interviewing Spider-Man. Sam, knowing Peter is Spider-Man, asks Peter how she got the interview. Peter shrugs his shoulders and Harry tells Mary Jane he's impressed, but asked her how she got an interview with him. She tells him she can't reveal her secrets.

Cuts to her talking to Spider-Man on a rooftop, he grabs her and takes her for a short ride web slinging. She tells him that it was incredible before realizing Manhattan is being attacked by the Hulk. Spider-Man takes her down with him and he briefly tries to fight the Hulk.

Mary Jane drops her camera and Stan picks it up and tells her its not safe for her to be there. The Hulk reveals, grudgingly, that he is not attacking Manhattan and is trying to save it from "energy man". The "man" he describes is a supervillain named Zzzax.

The two team up and barricade themselves in a subway station and fight Zzzax. Hulk emerges from the battle with Spider-Man in his arms. Mary Jane asks to interview him, but he simply states "Hulk hates photographers". Nick Fury arrives trying to take in the Hulk, but, is told by Spider-Man that the Hulk helped save the city.

Zzzax appears to be defeated, but, quickly gets up and becomes bigger. The city is saved when Mary Jane uses her camera to stop him. Spider-Man gives Mary Jane her camera's SD card and she becomes a photographer at the Daily Bugle.


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Only about two minutes of the entire episode was not from the perspective of MJ's camera.

Marvel references


  • From a scene, the charge of the battery of the camera changed from low to high.


Hulk? Here? In Manhattan? Ungood... - Spider-Man


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