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Doomed USM 01
Air date 8 April, 2012
Written by Man of Action
Directed by Gary Hartle & Jeff Allen
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Great Responsibility


Let it be known that the eye of the all powerful Doom has fallen upon you this day, I have scanned your every strength, every weakness. Cross my path again and suffer unspeakable consequences!

Doomed is the 3rd episode of the first season of Ultimate Spider-Man. It aired on April 8, 2012.


The team has its first training session; the heroes travel to Latveria to capture Doctor Doom.


The Argument

The episode begins at Midtown High where Peter Parker reminds the audience about him accepting Nick Fury’s offer into joining S.H.I.E.L.D. and that he’d have to school with a bunch of new heroes who are White Tiger (Ava Ayala), Iron Fist (Danny Rand), Power Man (Luke Cage) and Nova (Sam Alexander) in which Nick Fury put them into his school. Peter then introduces the audience to skateboarders which he calls the Silver Surfers; he then introduces Flash and his friends’ table which he calls the Hulks. Before Peter can explain about the table (which he calls the Parker Table) he shares with Harry Osborn and Mary Jane Watson, he is shocked to find Sam at the table and that Harry and Mary Jane are okay with it. Sam then shows that he made a mashed potato head of new principle, Phil Coulson. Peter drags Sam out to argue. Sam angrily asks him what his damage is before Peter argues about him being at the table with his friends and that he doesn’t want to mix his hot chocolate with peanut butter. Sam tells him that he is allergic to peanuts. Peter tells him that him and the others may be cool in their own special ways but Spider-Man does Nick Fury’s super hero group outside but in Midtown High it is his time and rules. Sam tells him that there are no words coming out of his mouth and that he stopped caring like yesterday. Peter angrily tells him that he is just jealous because Nick Fury made him leader of the team and not Sam. Sam argues that he is not mad because there is no leader but if there was it wouldn’t be Spider-Man. Coulson breaks up the argument by telling them that they can settle it in detention, making Peter surprised. Peter claims that he never had detention in his life. Peter thinks that Aunt May is going to kill him if she finds out that he is in detention. Coulson tells him and Sam that it was good job with the roll play and that was perfect making Peter surprised even more. Peter then realises that it was a way to get the team for a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. thing and relaxes.


Coulson pushes a button making everyone fall but they find that they have changed into their hero identities and are on S.H.I.E.L.D. rocket chairs which take them to the Helicarrier. Spider-Man like the other three boys doesn’t land on his feet except for White Tiger who lands on her feet. Nova struggles to get up with Spider-Man on him making White Tiger annoyed. She wonders where they are before Fury announces to begin flying making her realise that they are in the Helicarrier. Nova finally gets Spider-Man off him and argues that he doesn’t know what his problem is but if he wants to fight then they should get it over with. Nick Fury interrupts him them by telling them that they will have to court themselves. They are locked in and robots appear everywhere. Nova challenges Spider-Man to take down more robots than any of them can and Spider-Man accepts. They both destroy the same number of robots while the other three watch with White Tiger calling them stupid. Nick Fury reveals that the exercise was to cross the room without setting any traps off making Spider-Man and Nova realise that they weren’t paying attention. Nick Fury tells them that he was going to send them into the field but until they start working together they are grounded shocking the team. White Tiger complains that it was Spider-Man and Nova who started it but Nick Fury still makes them clean the mess as a team.

The Idea Of Catching A Villain

The team clean the room up with White Tiger complaining that they are not working with professionals but is now cleaning with a broom thanks to Spider-Man and Nova. Iron Fist tries to gives them advice by saying “A tornado becomes a general breeze but only when temperatures cooled down” making them the three of them stare but Power Man tells them that he does that. He also tells them that they should finish to see what they got for Nick Fury. After Nova melts the mess away, Spider-Man telling them that they are the newbie’s and that he has been catching bad guys for a year like: Batroc the Leaper, Melter, Toad, Whirlwind and the Frightful Four. This makes White Tiger think of something before she can call him a genius but claims that he gave her an idea. She goes to the computer on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Most Wanted and tells them that if they catch any bad guy with Power Man finishing the sentence by saying that they get respect. White Tiger tries to find someone they can handle before deciding to pick Lady Porcupine. Spider-Man doesn’t think it is a good choice and jokes that Nova should take her and that he will get bandages all over him. Nova pushes a button and goes to the top of the S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Wanted list which shows that the most wanted villain for S.H.I.E.L.D. is: Doctor Doom. Spider-Man tells the audience that he doesn’t believe that Nova can take down S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most wanted criminal. He also tells the audience that Doctor Doom is supposed to be an evil king or mayor and believes that Nova trying to get him is insane and decides to let logic take its sweet magic. Nova races them to the S.H.I.E.L.D. hanger not before going past S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Spider-Man manages to save everyone’s notes and a sandwich. He calls out to Nova that it’s called impulse control.

The Flight To Latveria

In the hanger, Nova is trying to figure out how to fly the ship they are going in but then finds the auto-pilot. Spider-Man tells the audience that he is going to do something responsible, that he thinks Doctor Doom might actually be a big deal and he is going to be the big man and call it off but then changes his mind. He tells the other that he has got this. Power Man doesn’t think on letting him get this and Iron Fist asks if they are solo acts or a group. White Tiger tells Nova to turn off the controls and that they are not going to fly to Latveria to attack Doctor Doom. Spider-Man agrees that it would be insane and that someone should talk sense into Nova. Just as White Tiger enters believing that Spider-Man’s using his head the door of the ship closes and takes off making White Tiger say that she hates them all. The team go into different parts of the ship taking different controls. Spider-Man asks Iron Fist if knows what he is doing with the controls but Iron Fist reveals that he is actually looking for tunes and that music soothes the salvage deeds making Spider-Man think it’s awesome. Spider-Man tries to ask Power Man something but finds that he is suffering airsickness. Spider-Man then asks White Tiger if she has a battle plan to pull this off but she reveals to him that she is doing homework making Spider-Man comment that it is not a grudge match. He then hears Nova on the phone talking to Mary Jane. He overhears Nova saying that detention was okay and jokingly says that Parker cried a little making Spider-Man angry.

Landing In Latveria

Spider-Man is informed that they’ll be in Latveria in three minutes. Nova informs Spider-Man that he is going out there. Spider-Man thinks that maybe it has gone too far but still doesn’t care. The ship then separates into four little ships for the other four who can’t fly like Nova. Iron Fist is amazed about Latveria’s appearance and thinks that it looks peaceful. Power Man tells him that he doubts it and that Doctor Doom was number one for a reason before asking Spider-Man if there is a plan on how to enter Doctor Doom’s castle. Spider-Man jokingly say’s that he was going to do a cupcake gram making White Tiger comment that he is an idiot. The four look to see explosives exploding in the sky. Spider-Man asks if it is Doomsday until Power Man informs him that the exploding isn’t fireworks but Nova destroying missiles shot by Doom-Bots before getting ambushed by a bunch of robots. Before the robots can do anything, Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Power Man and White Tiger destroy them. Spider-Man jokingly comments that he should thank Nova for the light works and he should let the pros take care of it. Spider-Man then senses something and they see Doctor Doom flying down towards them, telling them to look upon him and tremble for his face shall be the last thing they’ll ever see before introducing himself as Doctor Doom.

The Team vs. Doctor Doom

The team ready themselves to fight Doctor Doom. Doctor Doom angrily berates Nick Fury for attacking him on Sovereign ground and fires at the team. Spider-Man then believes that they really are doomed before Doctor Doom tries to hit him. Spider-Man then tells the audience that Doctor Doom has vision power gauntlets, vibrainium force armour, lasers out the blazu and nuclear power. Doctor Doom carries on firing at them, with Spider-Man telling him that he can shoot bolts and that him and the team are impressed but can he surrender quietly with White Tiger telling Spider-Man that he is not right in the head. Doctor Doom carries on firing at the team. White Tiger tells the Spider-Man, Power Man and Iron Fist to run, shield and manoeuvre twelve making them confused making her angrily reminding them about two hitting low and three hitting high making them finally know what she means. Before they can do anything, Nova attacks Doctor Doom making Spider-Man also attack him and they both fire at him. White Tiger thinks that they are both stupid before they see an explosion making Iron Fist think about “on second thought”. The smoke clears away to reveal that Doctor Doom is taken down. Nova arrogantly believes that he took him down and that he rocks making the other three stare at him angrily. Spider-Man calls out that the first one with Doctor Doom gets dinner with Nick Fury making the other four see that he has Doctor Doom webbed up and is in Spider-Man’s ship. This makes Nova think that it is not fair and flies off with the others back to the Helicarrier.

Not The Real Doctor Doom

On the Helicarrier, Nick Fury contacts Coulson asking where the trainees have gone. Coulson instead tells him that he is in the middle of a crisis saying the school budget is a mess and changes the fact to no more door knobs on boy’s bathroom stalls, rubber toilet paper and before he can have the idea of having S.H.I.E.L.D. donate cash; Nick Fury turns the contact off. Nick Fury believes that Coulson cognated before hearing and seeing Spider-Man and the team with a figure in cloth. Spider-Man tells him that some people just aren’t meant for the high pressure world of school of illustration. He tells Nick Fury while others are keenly suited to the butt kicking around the globe department. Nova takes the figure and boasts that he got him and before he can say that it was his idea, Spider-Man webs his mouth and claims that he should’ve done it an hour ago. Nick Fury demands to know where they have been and Spider-Man tells him that they are ready for the advanced class and so to prove it they got him a present. Spider-Man removes the cloth to show that they got Doctor Doom. Nick Fury is shocked with how they captured him with Spider-Man commenting that he should get a jetpack. Nick Fury angrily tells them that they didn’t catch Doctor Doom but walk him into the Helicarrier. Doctor Doom tells him that the answer is correct and informs him that they captured Mark-6 Hoberman Classic into the Helicarrier making the team realise that this isn’t the real Doctor Doom.

The Team vs. The Doom-Bots

Doctor Doom breaks from his bonds and Spider-Man comments about the jetpack. The robot opens up different robots of different sizes. The Doom-Bots reveal different weapons making everyone except Nick Fury shocked. The Doom-Bots attack everyone and while everyone fires at the biggest Doctor Doom robot, he tells them to scatter and destroy. Spider-Man and Nova both go their separate ways with White Tiger trying to tell them to stick together leaving Iron Fist and Power Man to deal with the other Doom-Bots. Nick Fury tells his agents to focus on protecting the Helicarrier’s power core. White Tiger goes after a Doom-Bot with acrobatic skills in the vents. Meanwhile elsewhere, Nova is fighting a Doom-Bot with shields and claiming that Spider-Man blew it. Spider-Man is fighting a Doom-Bot with long swords, tries to claim that it wasn’t his fault but Iron Fist and Power Man tells them to shut up. Power Man points out that they both started it. Iron Fist is fighting a Doom-Bot guns and Power Man is fighting a small Doom-Bot with lasers and speed making it hard for to destroy it. Iron Fist tries to get him to admit that he went along with it but Power Man is too busy to listen. Spider-Man tells that they are all off the blink mostly Nova and before he can say anything more, he is interrupted by a call from Mary Jane. Mary Jane asks him if there is any chance that he is still with Sam but Spider-Man tells her that he is busy. She tries to say something about him having something against Sam but he ends the call and carries on fighting. Meanwhile, White Tiger is still chasing the acrobatic Doom-Bot and she destroys one of its arms. The Doom-Bot fires a missile and misses her but hits one of the engines. The Helicarrier starts falling and White Tiger informs her teammates about it and that they’re losing stability. Meanwhile Nick Fury and other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are trying to keep the Doctor Doom robot from reaching the power core. Nick Fury tells them that going down won’t matter but if the core is destroyed then they are going nuclear. Spider-Man feels ashamed but tells Nova that he has a plan but Nova believes that he doesn’t need to take orders. Spider-Man tells him that he is not giving orders and that they have to act like teammates or everything will blow. Spider-Man tells him that he can stabilize the Helicarrier engine with Nova commenting that Spider-Man will hog all the glory. Spider-Man tells him that he is not trying to hog all the glory and that Nova is the only one who can fly and keep the Helicarrier airborne and that it’s a little thing he calls: working together. Nova flies out and manages to keep the Helicarrier in the air. Spider-Man contacts the other four and tells them that he is digging into the S.H.I.E.L.D. playbook. He tells them that they should pull: Code 46 triple meaning with extra sauce. White Tiger thinks that he is just saying worse but Spider-Man tells her that he has a plan. He asks how close she can get them to the reactor. White Tiger goes to a computer, checks it and informs them that it is in Sector 12, Quad 3 and that it is below them. Spider-Man asks her where they should meet and White Tiger tells them to follow her coordinates. Meanwhile, Power Man is still having trouble with the little Doom-Bot before Iron Fist kicks and destroys it while telling Power Man that they can trade which has him destroying the Doom-Bot with guns. While Nova is struggling to keep the Helicarrier up, the other three get to White Tiger’s location. The four are being attacked by five other Doom-Bots but Spider-Man tells Iron Fist to hit the ground which Iron Fist does, making a hole and causing them and the Doom-Bots to fall. White Tiger doesn’t get the plan before Iron Fist makes more holes that will get them to the reactor core. Meanwhile, Nick Fury and the other agents are still trying to keep the Doctor Doom robot from reaching the core but it still keeps it’s shield up and keeps going. It blasts and Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents down and proceeds to the core. Nick Fury looks up to see the other four heroes falling into the room. Spider-Man tells Power Man to begin the next phase. Power Man grabs White Tiger and Iron Fist while Spider-Man grabs onto him and uses a web to get them to safety, leaving the Doom-Bots to fall and get destroyed in the process. White Tiger believes that it worked before Nick Fury tells them that the Doctor Doom robot has proceeded to try and destroy the core. Before it can shoot the core, Nova appears and takes the blast. The Doctor Doom robot proceeds but Nova tells Spider-Man to proceed. Spider-Man uses his webs to grab the robot, White Tiger destroys the webs to make the robot fall, Power Man grabs the robot up before Iron Fist punches it which destroys it.

Admitting The Plan

Spider-Man goes to Nova and reveals that he is surprised that he didn’t know that Nova can absorb energy but Nova reveals that he didn’t know either. Spider-Man and Nova apologise by saying that they are both cool. While the team rest, Spider-Man gets a call from Mary Jane who tells him to not hang up on her, that she needs to talk to Sam and that she has his homework. Spider-Man hands his phone to Nova before carrying on to rest. Later, Nick Fury is shouting at them for pulling a stunt like that. Spider-Man tries to say that they are sorry but Nick Fury demands that whoever planned it all better step forward and that one of them will be off the team. Spider-Man admits that he planned it and steps forward but the rest of the team also step forward and admit that it was all of them who planned it. Spider-Man is amazed that they stood up as well. Nick Fury tells them to never do it again but is proud that they all admitted it making the team surprised and realise that they are not off the team. As soon as Nick Fury leaves, Spider-Man tells them that doing a group hug is not a good idea before Coulson appears and tells them that they have to make up for the school homework that they missed today. While the four boys moan, White Tiger shows that she did and finished her homework. Coulson asks Nick Fury that they need the full power of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s legal league staff that they need to limit how much actual meat they need to legally call something: meatloaf and that they can save the budget which starts to annoy Nick Fury by telling him that they need to talk about priorities.

Doctor Doom's Warning

While the team believe that it worked out pretty well, the real Doctor Doom who is still in Latveria appears on the screens. He tells them he is has befallen on them to this day, that he has scanned they’re every move and every weakness and warns them that if they cross his path again, there will be consequences. The team still think it is over but Nova asks if they are going to let him punk them like that and heads to the transport. The other four proceed to stop him.


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Marvel references

The way Nova/Sam Alexander crashes in Latveria is reminiscent of his Earth-616 counterpart's arrival/crash in Avengers vs. X-Men #1.


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Doctor Doom I presume.Heh, rhymes. -Spider-Man



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