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Donald Glover (full name Donald McKinley Glover, Jr.) was born on September 25, 1983 at the Edwards Air Force Base in California. He was raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia. His father is a postal worker and his mother runs a daycare center. He graduated from New York University with a degree in Dramatic Writing in 2006. Before being cast on Community he was best known for his work with the sketch comedy troupe Derrick Comedy. He was a former writer on the Tina Fey sitcom 30 Rock but left to pursue a career in stand up. Sometime later he was contacted by Dan Harmon to audition for the part of Troy Barnes, a role which he has played for four Seasons. He is also a rap artist who continues to perform under the stage name Childish Gambino and is signed to the label Glassnote Records. He also voices Marshall Lee on Adventure Time.


Episode Characters
The Spider-Verse: Part 3 Ultimate Spider-Man/Miles Morales
The Spider-Verse: Part 4 Ultimate Spider-Man/Miles Morales


  • Kid Arachnid is voiced by Donald Glover. In May 2010, a fan suggested Glover for the role of Peter Parker in the then-upcoming film, The Amazing Spider-Man, encouraging his supporters to retweet the hashtag "#donald4spiderman". The campaign, originally started to see how far social networking could carry a message, quickly gained a large following. The call for Glover to be allowed to audition for the role was supported by Spider-Man creator Stan Lee. Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis, who announced an African-American version of Spider-Man a year later, said he had conceived of the character before Glover's campaign went viral. Bendis gave credit to Glover for influencing the new hero's looks; on seeing him dressed as Spider-Man on Community (a nod to the campaign), Bendis said, "I saw him in the costume and thought, 'I would like to read that book.'"
  • Miles Morales' first appears on Phil Coulson's list of the potential students to portray Spider-Man in a play for high school. The list from first to fifth (the only choices shown) are: Flash Thompson (who gets the part), Sam Alexander, Ava Ayala, Miles, and Peter Parker (who, ironically, is Spider-Man in this universe, and the person to play the hero in the end)

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