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Octavius Holiday

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Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 2

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Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 2

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Tom Kenny


Doc Ock Holiday is the Wild West Version of Doctor Octopus



According to Web-Slinger, he took over the whole town and he defeated the last sheriff Ben Parker who was never seen again. It turns out Doc Ock had found and used the shard to brainwash Ben and the latter became the Phantom Rider, his fearsome deputy.

In the Series

In Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 2, he makes his first appearance where he and his right hand man try to capture Web-Slinger. Doc Ock then meets Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid who were shocked to see that the counterpart of Doc Ock was the sheriff. He tells them to hand over the criminal but they refused and were captured. While locked up, he taunts them on his control and that he has a new weapon ready for Web Slinger. He leaves to go after an explosion is heard. The heroes escaped because of Web Slinger but Doc Ock counted on this and confronted them with his new weapon which he reveals is powered by the shard of Siege Perilous. He also mentions Wolf Spider had tried to steal the shard of Siege Perilous from him but he was defeated by the corrupt sheriff and was forced to leave for another dimension. He fights the heroes and is angry that the injured Web Slinger got away but overpowers the other heroes while ignoring their warnings of the shard. Very soon, Web Slinger reappears and saves them again, he challenges Doc Ock a duel is put up. Web Slinger states if he wins, the town is freed and if Doc Ock wins their fates are his hands. However, Doc Ock is confident he'd win, since Web Slinger is injured but Spider-Man takes the challenge, while stating his Doc Ock would never back down. Angry at this insult, Doc Ock accepts and the battle commences. In the end, he loses and the shard is lost with Ben returning to normal.

Ock tries to flee but is hogtied by Spider-Man who returns Ben’s badge to him. The sheriff again, Ben has Ock placed in jail. Ock yells words of revenge until Web Slinger web shoots his mouth and Ock electrocutes himself on the bars. Ben states the villain will most likely do a long sentence in jail.

Physical Appearance

He looks very similar to his counterpart, only he wears a western version of his outfit.

After his defeat, he was forced to wear prison garb while in jail.


Like his counterpart, he is evil and uses his intellect to intimidate others. This was seen when he put Ben under his control to make the latter his strongest enforcer. He dislikes being called a coward, as he readily accepted Spider-Man's challenge for the town.

Also, similar to his counterpart, he dislikes his version of Spider-Man Web-Slinger. He extends this to any other Spider themed person, such as Wolf Spider, Spider-Man, and Kid Arachnid



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