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Brock Rumlow

Alternative name(s)

Bone Head
Bone Face

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Superior Sinister Six (unwillingly, formerly)




Agent of HYDRA
De-Facto Leader of HYDRA
Member of the Superior Sinister Six (formerly)

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Agent Web

Last appearance

Graduation Day: Part 2

Voiced by

Fred Tatasciore

Crossbones was an agent but is now the current leader of Hydra and then later, an unwilling member of the Superior Sinister Six who appeared in the episode "Agent Web".

Physical Appearance

Crossbones is a big strong villain with a skull mask, he wears military clothes with two bones making an X on his chest.



Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6

Agent Web

After Nova returns to the Triskelion, he gives Spider-Man an Inhuman box that will lead them to Nick Fury (who had disappeared after Arnim Zola and HYDRA took over the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarrier trying to capture Madame Web.) Spider-Man and Triton head to the abandoned Inhuman city of Atarog and encounter Madame Web while avoiding Inhuman traps. After predicting that Crossbones and HYDRA agents will appear, the prediction comes true when Crossbones (who has become the new de-facto leader of HYDRA) and HYDRA agents appear with Director Fury captured by them with Spider-Man asking if he's okay and Director Fury remarks about looking okay. Crossbones threatens that they hand Madame Web over or Director Fury never sees the sun again. He warns that they only have a limited time to trade Madame Web for Director Fury that only lasts until he gets bored. Spider-Man asks if there's a third option until he realizes that there isn't. Crossbones decides that the time is up and asks what it will be: Director Fury or Madame Web. Spider-Man remarks about all of the above being an option before jumping over Crossbones and defeats the HYDRA agents while freeing Director Fury in the process. Crossbones and his HYDRA agents chase Triton and Madame Web until they are saved by Spider-Man. Crossbones believes that they must've double-backed somehow and they continue to search for them until they capture Director Fury again. Crossbones cockily taunts Director Fury about it being his unlucky day and that his kids ran out on them. Director Fury tells him that they follow orders and believes that they are half-way across the China Sea. Spider-Man, Triton and Madame Web gain their attention which makes Director Fury realize they haven't. Spider-Man calls Crossbones: Bone Head and taunts Crossbones about getting his costume from a Halloween discount store which annoys Director Fury. Spider-Man, Triton and Madame Web lure the HYDRA agents into different Inhuman traps. Crossbones tries calling Squads Alpha and Beta but no reply. Director Fury mocks him by asking if he's having a bad day. Crossbones taunts that they've still got him as leverage because they'll never leave him behind. Spider-Man appears and kicks Crossbones before taking out the other HYDRA agents while joking about counting his Furies before they hatch and calls him Bone Face. Director Fury asks about a plan but Spider-Man reveals that he doesn't have one until Crossbones tackles him down before getting kicked off. They fight with Spider-Man slinging him over before Crossbones demonstrates his own skill and kicks him. He taunts that he is not winning this because he's gone toe-to-toe with Captain America. Spider-Man takes him down while revealing that he has fought and worked with Captain America and tells him that he is no Captain America. Crossbones gets up and agrees with him but reveals that he has what Captain America doesn't and clicks a device to blow the walls up, revealing more HYDRA agents which he claims to be a private army while telling him that it's Round Two. Spider-Man and Director Fury meet up with Triton and Madame Web while being chased back to the entrance of Atarog. They then become trapped by more HYDRA agents with Crossbones mocking Director Fury about his guys being so smart. Spider-Man shoots a web at him which he dodges easily and cockily taunts Spider-Man hitting anything he aims at. Spider-Man then reveals that he always does and reveals that he webbed up a Inhuman flute. He plays it which causes everyone to block their ears from his playing. Fortunately, the flute summons the Mechano and Spider-Man reveals that best part of being self taught before breaking the flute. The Mechano defeats Crossbones and the HYDRA agents while Spider-Man, Triton, Director Fury and Madame Web escape.

The Symbiote Saga: Part 1

Crossbones makes contact with Dr. Michael Morbius and a chained up Doctor Octopus (whose appearance was changed by nanobots into configuring him in a HYDRA life-support armor and making him look like a ninety-year-old man) who is revealed to have been captured by HYDRA (after he and the Sinister Seven failed their attack on the Triskelion and Zola and HYDRA Island have sunk to the bottom of the ocean). Dr. Morbius reveals that he captured the Venom symbiote (which he took from Agent Venom eariler) before revealing that he is following Zola's orders in his absence just like he promised. Crossbones angrily tells him that he doesn't care if he got the symbiote but he does want him to do something with it and he is also pleased that Dr. Morbius pulled off what Doctor Octopus couldn't which makes Doctor Octopus very angry. Dr. Morbius reveals that it is only the beginning and with Doctor Octopus as his assistant, he will create a weaponized armor for HYDRA in which no one has ever seen. Doctor Octopus becomes even angrier at having to be the lab assistant and claims that he is one of the greatest minds on the planet. Crossbones angrily reminds him that they watched him waste it on obsessing with Spider-Man. He also reminds him that with Zola and HYDRA Island gone, he is the new leader before telling him that he is lucky that Dr. Morbius needs him alive to finish the experiment before ending the contact. After Dr. Morbius and Doctor Octopus recreate the Carnage symbiote (which is named after the first Carnage symbiote that Green Goblin created.), they turn on each other with Doctor Octopus injecting Morbius with a vampire bat serum and Dr. Morbius throwing the symbiote on Doctor Octopus. Dr. Morbius escapes while Spider-Man and Agent Venom defeat Doctor Octopus by removing the Carnage symbiote from him which also neutralizes his nanobot form. However, the Carnage symbiote takes on it's own form and proceeds to bond with the people of New York.

The Symbiote Saga: Part 3

Later, after Spider-Man, his friends and allies stop the Carnage invasion, the Carnage symbiote envelopes Midtown High School. Spider-Man, Agent Venom and Patrioteer enter the place and find that the Carnage Symbiote has bonded with Mary Jane Watson, turning her into the Carnage Queen. After fighting Morbius and a mind-controlled Carnage Queen, the three heroes are knocked out and taken to the S.H.I.E.L.D. base under the school where Crossbones and HYDRA are (who were aware of where it was). Spider-Man asks if he's going to gloat but Crossbones reveals that it's not his style and takes Spider-Man's hand to have the computer recognize him. Morbius proceeds to operate the computer while telling Spider-Man to give him some credit as if he wouldn't disable force recognizance. He then proceeds to put the HYDRA missiles back on. Spider-Man reveals that they were disarmed decades ago before Morbius reveals that they are now rearmed with Carnage drones in them and that the Carnage army will secure the planet for HYDRA. Crossbones reminds Morbius that they got what they wanted from Spider-Man and orders him to finish the heroes. Morbius orders the Carnage Queen to destroy Spider-Man but he tells her that she and her host can work together. Morbius angrily tells her to obey him but Spider-Man destroys the mind control device. The Carnage Queen turns on her creator which shocks Morbius. Crossbones angrily tells him that if he thinks he can reason with her then he is a bigger fool than Doctor Octopus ever was. Crossbones escapes with HYDRA for the launching and leaving Morbius alone. Fortunately, Carnage Queen kills Morbius and Spider-Man, Agent Venom and Patrioteer are able to free Mary Jane from the Carnage symbiote (however, a piece of it still remained in her body) and stop the HYDRA missiles from launching.

Graduation Day: Part 1

A while later, after Doctor Octopus (whose appearance was changed again by the nanobots to a healthy-looking man with a green and yellow costume) threatens Aunt May’s life (after finding out Spider-Man's identity from Scarlet Spider who was the real spy before defecting), he puts his well-known associates into three different lab locations. Spider-Man and his classic team (consisting himself, White Tiger, Iron Fist, Power Man and Nova) head to the first lab where they fight Scorpion. After Nova hits Scorpion into a crater, the crater opens up to reveal a trapped Crossbones. Spider-Man asks what happened and Crossbones reveals that Doctor Octopus kidnapped him because he wasn't so happy with what he put him through during his time as leader of HYDRA. He then bargains with the team that if they free him, he will help them hunt down Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man asks why they would ever trust him and Crossbones reveals that he knows where Doctor Octopus is and what his plans are. Spider-Man orders him to spill it but Crossbones reveals that he will accept if they have a deal on freeing him and ending it together. Unfortunately Scorpion reveals that he will be the only one ending it and throws serum into the crater which turns Crossbones into a lizard to make the odds even. Lizard-Crossbones breaks out of the crater which makes Spider-Man realize that making it to graduation just got a lot more difficult. Spider-Man is surprised that Crossbones is a lizard and comments that it's a mashup he didn't need and struggles with names like Liz-Bones and Cross-Zard. Nova suggests calling him busted and fires at him but Lizard-Crossbones takes his helmet and throws him away. Spider-Man then tells White Tiger to do a hard left and to use Lizard-Crossbones' tail for leverage before ordering Power Man to take a hard right to go for Scorpion's stingers. Spider-Man webs up Lizard-Crossbones feet with Spider-Man joking about "sticking around" while Nova remarks that his quips are still terrible even after training for years. Power Man defeats Scorpion by taking his stingers out of his tail while White Tiger defeats Lizard-Crossbones by throwing him down with his tail. Iron Fist takes Nova's helmet back and Spider-Man puts it back on him again before Nova blasts Scorpion and Lizard-Crossbones who are then webbed up. Spider-Man then leaves to help the New Warriors at the next lab location while his classic team take Scorpion and Lizard-Crossbones back to the Triskelion. After helping the New Warriors and Web-Warriors defeat Kraven the Hunter, Vulture, Rhino and Doctor Octopus, they take them back to the Triskelion and put them into cells. When Spider-Man is bringing Aunt May, Doctor Octopus along with the other five villains break out and hold Aunt May hostage. Doctor Octopus reveals that he used Spider-Man and his teams to bring him and his Superior Sinister Six in before making Spider-Man take the antidote to cure him of his powers to save Aunt May. He then creates a dome around all the heroes (which include Spider-Man’s classic team, the New Warriors, the Web Warriors, the Avengers, Doctor Strange, Director Fury, Patrioteer and Dr. Connors) to crush.

Graduation Day: Part 2

Lizard-Crossbones was present when Doctor Octopus taunts Spider-Man about all of it being his fault before leaving with the other members of the Superior Sinister Six and locking Spider-Man and Aunt May in. Spider-Man manages to escape the Triskelion and Vulture and makes it to Oscorp where he originally got his powers from the spider that bit him. Doctor Octopus watches and taunts the heroes about being nothing before him before he sees that Norman is not in the dome and he and the other members leave for Oscorp. The Superior Sinister Six arrive but Spider-Man and Norman Osborn escape to another lab where they begin to create the formula to get Spider-Man's powers back. The Superior Sinister Six decide to destroy the building and manage to escape it's destruction. They believe that Spider-Man and Norman are dead but they are revealed to still be alive with Spider-Man powers having returned. Spider-Man uses debris to knocks the other members down. Spider-Man battles the Superior Sinister Six and steals the cure gun to cure Vulture back into Adrian Toomes (who also gains his memories back in the process). Lizard-Crossbones and Rhino both attack him but he jumps and shoots a cure dart into Lizard-Crossbones before curing Rhino back into Alexander Sytsevich. Just as Spider-Man is glad that Alex is back to normal, a cured Crossbones appears and Spider-Man believes that he is going to hurt him but Crossbones instead thanks him for the save but reveals that he is on his own because it isn't his battle and flees. Spider-Man defeats the other Superior Sinister Six members, redeems Dr. Otto Octavius and they destroy the dome with a ray gun thus saving all the superheroes. Spider-Man and his teams graduate before Iron Man takes Dr. Octavius away to possibly begin his redemption.

Powers and Abilities

  • Military Tactician: He is a highly skilled military tactician, bordering a true militaristic master strategist.
  • Warfare Expert:
  • Master Martial Artist: He is capable of going toe-to-toe with the artificially enhanced Captain America himself.
  • Expert Marksman: Like any mercenary, he is a highly skilled sharpshooter.
  • Nigh-Pain Immunity: He is able to take hits from Spider-man's superhuman strength, without any noticeable signs of fatigue, tardiness or pain. This gives him a form of enhanced durability.
  • Weaponry Usage:


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Season 4 5
Overall 5


  • Third animated appearance of Crossbones, the first in Avengers Assemble and the second in Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers.
    • Due to Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-Man TV series being in the same universe, this the second shared animated universe series appearance of Crossbones.

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