Contest of Champions: Part 4
3, 26
Contest of champions part 4
Air date October 24, 2015
Written by Eugene Son
Directed by Tim Maltby
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Contest of Champions: Part 3


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You shouldn't be afraid to tell me anything. This changes nothing. You're still my nephew. I'm still your aunt. I'm so proud of the man you've become.


Spider-Man fights alongside The Collector in an attempt to free all of Earth's heroes and villains from The Grandmaster and set everything right again.


Hearing his brother's word, The Collector finally stands up to him and attacks him before he is given his brother's staff by Spider-Man and he destroys it, finally victorious.

Afterwards, Spider-Man talks with The Collector about their deal and he tells Spider-Man that he is taking time off collecting to explore the things he learned from the hero. Grandmaster appears and The Collector brings up his previous insult about second place just being "first loser" as the latter isn't amused about the one victory.

The Collector gives Spider-Man a bow of respect, while Grandmaster voices his desire of a rematch of his choice. However, The Collector politely turns down his brother's demand of a rematch, stating he officially retires from games. The shocked Grandmaster runs after him and pleads for him to reconsider but was ignored as they traveled to their ship and flew into space.


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  • Grandmaster: This isn't over, I demand another game! A game of my choosing.
  • Collector: No thanks brother, I'm done. I officially retire from games.
  • Grandmaster: N-No No! You have to grant me a rematch, you have to!


  • This is the last episode of season 3
  • Collector announces his retirement of games to explore what Spider-Man spoke of.

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