Boston Terroriers
The boston terrorriers
Biographical Information
Real Name: The Boston Terroriers
Members: Slam Adams , Plymouth Rocker and Salem's Witch
Former Members: Steel Spider (leader; now reformed superhero)
Media Information
The Boston Terroriers are a group of armored supervillains in Boston.


This group was formed when Ollie was angry after being rejected by Spider-Man in refusal of having a sidekick, released the three criminals and suited them with armors. Then they went after Spidey. In a short fight, the trio managed to take the web-head down for their leader. But after Spidey forgave Ollie, they later rebelled against their leader after they heard about the 10 million dollar reward to those who unmask the webhead from Spidey and were determined to get it.

This led to a brief battle between three armored villains and two spiders around Boston. The trio were defeated after the two heroes used the switch-off failsafe to immobilize them. They were later sent to jail.

Notable Members


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