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Biographical information
Real name

Peter Parker

Alternative name(s)

Blood Spider
Spider-Man (formerly)

Physical description

Human/Spider Hybrid (temporarily Vampire)

Personal information

Blood Spider's Team



Production details
First appearance

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 1

Last appearance

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4

Voiced by

Benjamin Diskin

Blood Spider is a version of Spider-Man from the Vampire Universe.

Physical appearance

Blood Spider wears a dark blue outfit with a red spider symbol on the chest and back and silver gauntlets.


Blood Spider's personality was mostly bitter and serious due to his losses and hardships, for example, he was used to just fighting possessed people instead of helping them until Spider-Man showed to him that there's always a better way and to never lose faith in his friends.

Blood Spider, like his counterpart is very intelligent. He correctly deduced the Siege Perilous had quantum energy and it was the key to stopping the Lizard King. This surprises Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid, with him remarking his world had science too.

He does not seem to have a surprise view about the existence of other worlds, being accepting of his counterparts after being told their plight. This was further seen when he remarked on how he understood why the multiverse is revolved around ultimate Spiderman.


Early life

At an unknown time, Blood Spider was known as Spider-Man and was a hero until he lost his team to The Lizard King and his vampires, who then conquered most of the world. He had began fighting the Lizard King and his empire after becoming the last superhero in the city. He also gained the identity of the Blood Spider.

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 1

When Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid were sent to recover the shards of the destroyed Siege Perilous, they head into the Vampire Universe. There they are attacked by Blood Spider's team until Blood Spider appears and defeats Vampire White Tiger and Vampire Power Man. Spider-Man tells him to stop and reasons that even if they're vampires, they are still his friends and he will not let him destroy them. Blood Spider reveals that he dusts them every night and they respawn later, that they were his friends and teammates but now they are the most powerful vampires. Vampire Iron Fist tackles him and threatens that the Lizard King will have him but Blood Spider tells him that he will someday but not tonight and defeats him. Blood Spider demands to know who they are but Kid Arachnid points out that there are more vampires coming. However, Blood Spider uses a flash grenade that will blind them temporarily and he and the other spiders leave into the sewers. Spider-Man asks him about being the Spider-Man of the universe until Blood Spider points out that he was until he was given his new ego because the vampires want to feed on his blood and that he is the last superhero in Manhattan. He then asks them who they are and why they have the same powers as him and Spider-Man explains that they are Spider-Man too but from from other universes and states that it is strange until Blood Spider reveals that he's believed in strange things in recent days. After arguing with Kid Arachnid about which way to go and pointing out that he's not from this universe, Kid Arachnid explains that they need to find a shard of the Siege Perilous and that its sci-ency. Blood Spider realizes that the shard is quantum property and that it's looking for a piece of itself. This confuses the two until Blood Spider points out that they have science in this universe too and tells them to lead on so that he can see what it can do. Spider-Man asks about the vampires with Blood Spider asking if they are not in his universe and Spider-Man reveals that it's not like this universe. Blood Spider reveals that they've had vampires for eons but only since the Lizard King forced all the vampire factions under his rule and became so powerful. Kid Arachnid asks about the vampires taking over city but Blood Spider points out that they took half the planet and spreading and reveals that if sunlight didn't stop them, they'd be in complete control. Spider-Man points out that he also had a Lizard from his universe but is now just a friendly scientist and can't imagine what Lizard King would look like as a "Scary Victorian Vampire". They make it to the main part of the sewer where they find a shard of the Siege Perilous until they become surrounded by vampires and a hooded figure who thanks him for bringing more food. Blood Spider introduces the two to "The Wolf" who is the Lizard King's new hunter making the survival thing difficult. They defeat a few vampires and Blood Spider tells them to get the shard while he battles the others. Blood Spider then battles "The Wolf" who is just as skilled as he is. Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid gain the shard and much to their surprise, glows brightly which frightens the vampires off. Spider-Man guesses that the shards act differently in the Vampire Universe and becomes grossed out by the sewer water. While leaving, Blood Spider asks how he managed to get the shard to glow and Spider-Man realizes that when he held it up, it created light which can defeat vampires. Blood Spider tests it out and believes that if he can create his own sunlight, he can destroy the vampires' rule forever but Spider-Man refuses to allow it while Kid Arachnid believes that they are dead. Spider-Man reasons that it could be a virus and that some of the vampires are Blood Spider's friends and that there can be someway to help them before asking for the shard. Blood Spider refuses to give it back because he cannot abandon his world when there's a chance to save them. He webs up the wall and leaves. Blood Spider heads to the Lizard King's lair and demands that he come out. However, the Lizard King and a few vampires ambush him by knocking the shard out and capturing him. "The Wolf" gives the shard to the Lizard King who reveals to Blood Spider that they were expecting him because "The Wolf" informed him of the shard and it's powers of destroying vampires. "The Wolf" points out that it could drain light as well which gives the Lizard King the idea of using it to darken the sun so that the vampires can walk in the day with "The Wolf" agreeing with him about using alchemy to re-purpose the shard. The Lizard King is about to end Blood Spider until Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid arrive (having followed the shard with the shard that they have.). The two battle the Lizard King, "The Wolf" and vampires which gives Blood Spider the advantage to free himself and help. Spider-Man asks him about the shard but Blood Spider berates himself for allowing it to get into the hands of the Lizard King. The Lizard King's orders his minions to distract them while he gets to work on the shard and "The Wolf" prevents Blood Spider from stopping him. Kid Arachnid is attacks but he uses the shard's light which turns the vampire back into a human for a second much to his shock. Spider-Man points out that they can cure the vampire virus and needs a blood sample test it on. The spider are then forced to flee after Blood Spider urges them to due to there being too many to fight. They notice that the sun is getting darker with Kid Arachnid pointing out that they didn't get a vampire blood sample but Blood Spider reveals that he got bit and decides to be the test subject for a few minutes. He takes them to a lab/armory where he reveals that before he became a vampire hunter, it was his lab. Blood Spider starts suffering from the effects and forces them to web him up. Spider-Man takes a blood sample from him much to Blood Spider's disgust until Kid Arachnid uses the shard to turn the blood back to normal temporarily. Spider-Man then remembers the words that Madame Web said about light cleansing all. After Kid Arachnid tests out the Ultra-Violet lamp, Blood Spider starts suffering from it's effects. However, Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid combine the shard with the lamp which permanently cures the blood sample. Spider-Man believes that the shard won't cure everyone but Kid Arachnid assures that he knows what to do. After creating a gun, they successfully cure Blood Spider of the virus. While Vampire White Tiger, Vampire Iron Fist and Vampire Power Man battle Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid, Blood Spider battles the Lizard King until he summons the other vampires. The Lizard King prevents him from taking the shard but Spider-Man uses the gun with the shard and Ultra-Violet lamp to fully cure everyone back to normal and brings the sun back. Blood Spider thanks Spider-Man for proving to him that there was another way to save his friends instead of destroying them. However, "The Wolf" attacks them and takes the shard while Kid Arachnid keeps the other. Spider-Man is confused by this until "The Wolf" reveals that he is actually called "Wolf Spider" and that he is also traveling to different dimensions to collect the shards of the Siege Perilous in order to rule the other dimensions while revealing that he knows Spider-Man's identity as Peter Parker. He attacks them but Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid use their shard to leave for the next universe. Wolf Spider is then confronted by Blood Spider and his team and points out that they don't just defeat vampires but Wolf Spider escapes with his shard for the next universe.

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 2

Blood Spider makes a cameo in a flashback when Spider-Man explains that he and Kid Arachnid are trying to get the pieces of the Siege Perilous before every universe can collapse in on itself.

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4

Blood Spider appears, where it is revealed that he encountered the evil Spider-Man, Wolf Spider who had drained the life essence of him and his other counterparts. When Spider-Man allows Wolf Spider to drain his life essence, he finds himself in another world with all the other Spider-People and convinces them to not give up. This succeeds when Spider-Man reveals to Wolf Spider that since all the Spider-People, he drained the power of heroes and since every Peter Parker is a good guy but since he is evil, he poisoned himself with their life forces. Wolf Spider then shatters apart, with his body now trapped in other dimensions where he cannot escape and all the life-forces of every Spider-Man he absorbed were restored back to normal. Blood Spider is present when Spider-Man Noir asks his counterpart on how he knew that would work, as Spider-Man states it was a gamble but he knew since all of them were heroes it would succeed in defeating their foe. Blood Spider is satisfied with the answer, along with the other spider people from different dimensions rejoicing at understanding why Spider-Man is the center of their universes before going back to their homes.


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  • In the comics, Blood Spider was a villain who was trained by Taskmaster to hunt and destroy Spider-Man.
  • His voice actor, Benjamin Diskin, has previously voiced Venom in The Spectacular Spider-Man.
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