Black Bolt
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Blackagar Boltagon

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Fred Tatasciore


Blackagar Boltagon a.k.a. Black Bolt is the king of the Inhumans



Black Bolt sent Triton as an exchange student from Attilan to join the New Warriors. Triton is thrown into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody by Nick Fury when Attilan is above New York and Medusa declares war. It is revealed that Maximus the Mad had taken control over the royal family, including Black Bolt and the true mastermind behind the attack. However, Spider-Man and Triton are able to stop him. Spider-Man then webs Black Bolt to a radio town where Black Bolt says "Peace" and sends Attilan into the ocean, so it does not damage anything As an apology, Triton is made the Attilan ambassador.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Condition: Black Bolt's Terrigen-mutated physique surpasses the superhuman physique of typical Inhumans: his strength, stamina, durability and reflexes are all well above typical Inhuman / peak-human levels. His speed and agility are also highly enhanced. All of his other physical / metabolic functions are also above inhuman limits.
  • Quasi-Sonic Scream: An organic mechanism in his brain's speech center produces an unknown particle that interacts with ambient electrons, enabling him to produce certain mentally-controlled phenomena. The most devastating of the effects is Black Bolt's "quasi-sonic scream". Because his electron-harnessing ability is linked to the speech center of his brain, any attempt to use his vocal cords triggers an uncontrollable disturbance of the particle/electron interaction field. Because of this limitation, Black Bolt must be constantly vigilant of even the softest of utterances lest he destroy anything or anyone in its path. At full strength, his voice has the capability to destroy planets. The fork-like antenna worn upon his forehead helps Black Bolt control his powers. He can channel his powers inward to increase his strength and speed, and can focus it through his arms as concussive blasts. Black Bolt is capable of channeling all available energy into one devastating punch called his Master Blow, which renders him extremely vulnerable subsequently.
  • Flight: By concentrating his electrons into anti-electrons, he can fly at speeds up to 500 mph for a period of 6 hours, protected by an anti-graviton field.
  • Force-Field Generation: Black Bolt can create a nearly impenetrable force field by focusing his energy around himself.
  • Teleportation: He is capable of teleportation, being able to transport Spider-Man & Triton as well as his family, from the Inhuman Ancient City, to the Triskelion, instantaneously.
  • Technology Disruption: He can use his electron abilities as extrasensory probes, highly sensitive to electromagnetic phenomena, and he can also jam certain electromagnetic mechanisms. Though exhausting, he can create particle/electron interaction fields solid enough to be traversed upon.
  • Slight Telepathy: Black Bolt also is at least partially resistant against telepathy and shares a semi-telepathic bond with those of his blood.


Season 3: Web-Warriors

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6

Appearances in other media

  • Black Bolt appears in the Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. episode "Inhuman Nature".


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