Ben Parker (Wild West)


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Biographical information
Real name

Benjamin Parker

Alternative name(s)

The Phantom Rider (formerly)

Sheriff Ben Parker (currently)

Physical description




Personal information

Web-Slinger (nephew)

Production details
First appearance

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 2

Voiced by

Clancy Brown

  Benjamin Parker,  formerly known as the Phantom Rider, is the Wild West countepart of Uncle Ben.

Physical Appearance

As the Phantom Rider his suit is completely white including his hat, mask, cape, shirt, gloves, pants, and boots.

As Sheriff Ben Parker he wears a beige hat, glasses, blue shirt, dark brown vest, the sheriff's badge, beige pants, and dark brown boots.


According to the Web-Slinger, his Uncle Ben was the last sheriff to face Ock, but was unable to stop him. Ock then used the shard of the Siege Perilous to brainwash him into becoming his deputy, turning him into the Phantom Rider.

Eventually after Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid reclaimed the shard he returned to normal and became sheriff again. Before leaving for another dimension, the main universe took one last look at Ben, amazed at there being universe where he survived.


Sheriff Parker is a very kind hearted man and was very blessed and grateful when he was reunited with his nephew.


As Phantom Rider:

  • Whip

As Sheriff Parker:

  • Gun


  • His universe is the only known world Ben survived. However, it is not the first animated series' alternate universe where Ben survived, it was Spider-Armor's dimension in 90's Spider-Man Animated Series.
  • In the comics and movies, Phantom Rider is a character from Ghost Rider series, whose original identity is Carter Slade and is in fact the original Ghost Rider.
  • His vendetta towards Doctor Octopus is similar to his Nuclear Apocalypse counterpart from Spider-Verse comic book event, where he is Spider-Man instead of his nephew.
  • His voice actor also known for currently voicing Red Hulk in the recent animated universe and some other recent medias.
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