Baron Mordo
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Karl Mordo

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Doctor Octopus (formerly)

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Miles From Home

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Strange Little Halloween

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Danny Jacobs


Baron Karl Mordo is a magic-based supervillain and an enemy of Doctor Strange.


Early Life

He was a former student of the Ancient One, until he betrayed his former master and killed him. He came into conflict with Doctor Strange , around this time.

Season 4

Baron Mordo is enlisted by Doctor Octopus to bring the Green Goblin of Earth-1610 to his reality since he was unable to transform his Norman Osborn back into Green Goblin. Even though the plan worked, Green Goblin of Earth-1610 attacked both of them and claimed the Siege Perilous. With help from Spider-Man, Doctor Strange engaged Baron Mordo in battle. After Spider-Man got Miles Morales to his world to help fight Green Goblin of Earth-1610, Baron Mordo and Doctor Octopus worked to reclaim the Siege Perilous from Green Goblin of Earth-1610 whose punches started opening holes in the fabric of reality. Green Goblin of Earth-1610 punched Baron Mordo causing a hole to open on him enough to shatter him like glass as his remains fade away.

In reality, Baron Mordo is actually trapped in another dimension. he soon found a Quantum Realm resided on Ant-Man's lab, turning him into a Ant-Man and every civilian with an imaginary mind of Halloween into mindless monsters, then later used Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and Ant-Man to make Mordo escape to the real world, which is also powering him. He is soon defeated by the three heroes thanks to Spider-Man's advice to Strange and Ant-Man to use their imagination to counter Mordo's spell, sealing Mordo to another dimension once again.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mystical-Energy Manipulation: He has been seen using mystical energy for a variety of effects, including red magical energy blasts. However, they were not strong enough to harm the Ultimate Goblin.
  • Levitation: He has been seen levitating himself & flying at high speeds.
  • Superhuman Durability: Baron Mordo has taken the most strongest hits from the Ultimate Goblin's overdeveloped superhuman strength, without even showing signs of dizziness or any injuries. Even Kid Arachnid has claimed that that was a very strong hit from the Ultimate Goblin.
  • Spell Casting: Via the power of the Siege Perilous, he was able to cast a spell to capture the Ultimate Goblin and summon him to himself & Doc Ock.


  • Reality Warping: By being struck by the Siege Perilous, he spent his time gaining new powers, including the power to do almost whatever he pleases. However, his power worked on a certain radius, meaning that anyone in that radius can also augment reality via their imagination. After receiving a fatal blow from the Eye of Agamotto, his powers of reality warping are gone.


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Background Information

  • Third animated appearance of Baron Mordo, the first in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, the second in The Super Hero Squad before his future fourth appearance in Avengers Assemble.


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