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Otto Octavius

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The Spider-Verse: Part 3

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The Spider-Verse: Part 3

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Tom Kenny


The Alchemist is an alternate reality version of Doctor Octopus from the Medieval Universe.


The Alchemist looks very similar to his counterpart, wearing robes with a hood and goggles.


He gives off the impression of being a benevolent person, who sought to protect people.

In truth, he is actually a very greedy individual who extorted money from the citizens to protect them from his own creation. He showed no remorse for acts, even promising to allow the Kraken to attack those who couldn't pay him. After his defeat, he was angry at being foiled and humiliated by the villagers.


Season 3: Web-Warriors

The Spider-Verse: Part 3

The Alchemist collects money from the people of York so that they can be "protected" from the "Kraken". Despite their protests, the Alchemist threatens that without payment, he will protect them no more before leaving. The Alchemist powers up his Kraken machine and attacks York. The Alchemist continues to terrorize the people until Spyder-Knight appears. He tries to break at the tentacle but the Alchemist throws him away. The Alchemist is about to end him until Spider-Man saves him and convinces Spyder-Knight that they need to take the Kraken head on and not just protect the village. Spyder-Knight believes that it can't be stopped due to it being too powerful but Spider-Man tells him that where he comes from, he calls magic science because he sees it as a robot. After avoiding the Alchemist's Kraken, Spyder-Knight reveals about the taxes that everyone pays to the him in order for him to keep it away. However, Spider-Man convinces him that the Kraken was built and that they must find a weakness. Spyder-Knight is amazed by Spider-Man's bravery as he watches him tie the Alchemist's Kraken by its tentacles. This convinces him that he can take down the machine and he gets his horse and takes the Kraken down. Spider-Man celebrates about going medieval on it but never understands the saying. They discover the Alchemist in the machine and this makes Spider-Man realize that he is a medieval version of his Doctor Octopus. Spyder-Knight also realizes that the Alchemist had built the Kraken to attack York and charge a fee to stop it. The Alchemist curses them until Spider-Man webs his mouth and they take him prisoner. The Alchemist is strapped to a stockade and has tomatoes thrown at him much to his annoyance.




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