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Biographical information
Real name

Eugene "Flash" Thompson

Alternative name(s)

Spider-Man Two
Scarlet Spider
Agent Venom
Patient Zero
The Jock

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Personal information

Midtown High School
New Warriors
S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy


Venom (his current symbiote)




Missiles Launder




Member of the Web-Warriors

Production details
First appearance

Great Power (as Flash Thompson)
Agent Venom (as Agent Venom)

Last appearance

Graduation Day: Part 2 (as Agent Venom and Flash Thompson)

Voiced by

Matt Lanter
Logan Miller ("Beetle Mania")

There's more to me than just me.
— Flash Thompson

Eugene "Flash" Thompson is a high school jock and former bully at Midtown High School, and a fan of Spider-Man. He later is temporary known as the Scarlet Spider and then bonded with the Venom symbiote, which turns him into Agent Venom.

Physical appearance

Flash Thompson is a young Caucasian teenage boy, with a muscular build, blonde hair and green eyes. He wears his school's football uniform, with a Spider-Man shirt underneath tucked inside his light blue pants, and a black belt with a bronze clasp.

As Agent Venom, Flash resembles the classic Black Costume Spider-Man, but with a more muscular, armored appearance. The emblem on his chest is the post-Brock Venom symbol with spread out legs as opposed to the traditional Venom emblem.

After reclaiming the Symbiote when Doctor Octopus removed it, Flash's suit gained some minor modifications. It's design has become sleeker, with it gaining a more metallic look, aswell as more white highlights on the arms and legs. The spikes on the shoulders have disappeared, and his eyes now look like they do in the comics, with the insides being black, and the outline being white.


Flash Thompson US 01

Flash Thompson as Spider-Man's biggest fan.

Flash is a jock at Midtown High School. He likes to bully weak people and put them in lockers. He is a major fan of Spider-Man, overreacting after he sees Spider-Man. Despite his tough exterior, Flash can get afraid easily and hides behind other people when in danger, just as Flash did when he first encountered the Venom Symbiote and used Peter as a human shield. By Season 3, he has decided to overcome his fear and tries to be a superhero, which doesn't work out until he comes in contact with the Venom Symbiote again.


Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Flash has known Peter from a very young age and was always his bully. Until recently, Flash would always put Peter in a locker at his first opportunity. He's gradually grown less hostile towards Peter, though he's still unaware Peter is Spider-Man. However, during Episode 3 of Contest of Champions, he and Amadeus Cho learn his identity. Flash reacts with shock and denial at first, but he is quick to come to Peter's defense when he is attacked by the Grand Master. Although after the Contest of Champions it's shown that Flash is still very close friends with Peter, even after finding out that he's actually Spider-Man. He becomes instrumental in Spidey's attempts to stop Doctor Octopus and his Sinister Six, when he becomes part of the Web Warriors group. Throughout season 4, he takes pleasure in teasing Scarlet Spider, along with Spider-Man. By the episode Anti-Venom (episode) he considers himself to be Pete's best friend and team-mate, even to length that he keeps being harsh towards Harry Osborn, who's just joined at Shield Academy. This would be because of Harry and Pete's friendship.


The Venom Symbiote went into Flash's shoe after Spider-Man's fight with the Venomized Scorpion. When the Beetle attacks, the organism turned Flash into Agent Venom. The Venom Symbiote bonded permanently with Flash's DNA.


Season 1

After Peter came to school, Flash Thompson placed him in a locker and left. When the Frightful Four invaded the school, he saw Spider-Man and he wanted to help and Spider-Man put him in a locker, making Flash believe that he was helping.

After Spider-Man defeated the Frightful Four, Flash tried to put Peter in a locker, but got saved by Luke Cage and accidentally trapped himself in the locker.[1]


Flash Thompson bonded the first time with Venom

At Harry Osborn's party, Flash was in the bathroom when he encountered Peter and was about to give him a swirlie. The Symbiote came out and attached itself to Flash, Flash enveloped by the Symbiote fought with Spider-Man. Eventually, the Symbiote detached itself from him and attached to the other young superheroes instead.[2]

Flash took the test of coach "Yaeger", he passed and attended the next day of him along with Harry and Danny Rand. The next day, Flash and Harry were chased by Taskmaster. At this point, Taskmaster thought he was Spider-Man. Flash ditched Harry and hid in Peter's locker. After Taskmaster was defeated by Spider-Man and White Tiger, he distracted Spider-Man and the villain escaped leaving his mask behind. He was then interviewed by the Daily Bugle Communications about the incident.[3]

He was given the Spider-Man role in Mary Jane Watson's play which led to the Trapster mistaking Flash for the real Spider-Man.

Season 2

He later started bullying Alex O'Hirn that resulted in his car being trashed by the Rhino. After he was attacked, Spider-Man explained to him that Rhino is Alex. Realizing that his bullying towards others has consequences, he apologized for beating him up after Alex was arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D..

He later attended the party at Peter's, but was enraged when it didn't happen.

Season 3

Trying to be a superhero, like Spider-Man, Flash temporary assumed the identity of the Scarlet Spider while trying to assist Spider-Man's fight against Scorpion, who was bonded with the Venom organism. While being told by Spider-Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. to leave, a piece of Venom secretly attached to Flash once again. When the Beetle attacks Spider-Man at their school Flash offers to help, but is shoved in a closet for his own safety. Wanting desperately to be of help, Flash triggers the Symbiote, that covers him in an all-black suit which, combined with his football pads, gives him the basic silhouette of Agent Venom. After fighting Beetle and ripping off pieces of his armor, Flash integrated the armor into his suit, transforming fully into Agent Venom. Though Spider-Man initially believed that the Venom symbiote was controlling him, Spider-Man soon realized Flash had it under control. After capturing Beetle, he was temporary in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody following the revelation that the Symbiote permanently bonded to him. He was later released and recruited into their Training Program as Agent Venom. He eventually joined the New Warriors.

Agent Venom (and his teammates) assists Spider-Man in fighting a super-powered team and a group of escaped super-villains (respectively led by Taskmaster and the Green Goblin).

Agent Venom later is seen as a member of the New Warriors alongside Iron SpiderSquirrel GirlKa-ZarZabu and Cloak & Dagger.

He also assists Spider-Man, Iron Spider, Power Man and their S.H.I.E.L.D. teacher Whizzer in combating Arnim Zola's monsters.

Agent Venom soon plays the role of the Rhino's release to join the New Warriors. However, Alex still thinks Flash is still the same bully before. With the Hulk's help, Agent Venom and Spider-Man are able to reform the Rhino into joining the New Warriors.

Near the end of season three's finale four-parter, he along with Amadeus learn that Peter is Spider-Man.

Season 4

Doctor Octopus removes the Symbiote from Flash, only to get it back later on. Upon merging with it again, Agent Venom is slightly redesigned to look like his main comic book counterpart's first Agent Venom costume design.

By the time after seemingly destroying Anti-Venom symbiote with the help of Iron Patriot and Spider-Man, Flash and Harry were left in a coma, but Flash received way more damage than Harry, such as having his left leg injured.

Before Scarlet Spider revealed to be Doctor Octopus' spy (not Rhino), Flash takes care of Aunt May while the Web Warriors is away to defend Triskelion from Ock and his new supposedly Sinister Six.

Apparently, Flash already was suspicious of Scarlet Spider's true allegiance had been with Doc Ock, with an Arsenal Wheel Chair given by SHIELD, he protected May from their attack. However, only to have the arsenals disabled by Scarlet and destroyed by Ock, knocking Flash out. He is saved by Spider-Man from being crushed by one of the tentacles from Doc Ock's new organization of the island compromised from HYDRA, OCTOPUS and was being taken safely by May, before she is suddenly being abducted by Ock into the island behind Spider-Man and Scarlet's back.

During a mission, Morbius got a sample from Agent Venom's symbiote suit to revive Carnage, and that chaotic Symbiote's revival reacts the Venom Symbiote and controls Flash into following it to the base where Doctor Octopus' HYDRA faction experimenting on Carnage. As the Venom Symbiote reacts by a fear of Carnage's chaotic nature, when it transforms Doctor Octopus into Monster Ock, Flash's fear of not ready to be a true hero like Spider-Man makes him powerless while trying his best to re-assume Agent Venom form. By the time Carnage can now assume a form without a living host and attempt make a chaos around New York, at the same time Spider-Man tried to risk his life stopping it, Flash regains his courage and manages to transform into Agent Venom. Though both Spider-Man and Agent Venom stop Carnage by using a Sonic Blaster in a higher level, they soon realize that this new Carnage is created to be a bomb to infect other hosts under its control once there is enough Sonic Blaster's blast on that Symbiote. When Harry and Mary Jane are having being possessed by respective symbiotes, Flash helps Peter by unmasking their identities to them, as their friends need their help not as their hero identity, but as their civilian identity.

When Scarlet Spider revealed to be alive well and found out his actual origin as a half-synthezoid clone of Spider-Man as a mean to redeem himself, Agent Venom still having a trust issue with Scarlet due to his previous allegiance with Ock. In the same time the imperfect synthezoid clone of Spider-Man named Kaine attacks S.H.I.E.L.D., and attempts to absorb both spider essence from Web-Warriors and his other clones while Scarlet tries his best to redeem himself, Agent Venom forgave him in the end.

After graduation from the academy, as well as after Doctor Octopus turned himself in during a short ambush on the academy, Agent Venom and Scarlet Spider are promoted as the new tutors of the academy.

Powers and Abilities


  • Peak Human Strength: Flash has been shown to be quite strong even for a normal human, like punching a dent on lockers.
  • Peak Human Acrobatics: Despite his large built, Flash is shown to be very nimble and agile, as shown from his performance in a P.E. fitness course setup by Taskmaster. His performance made Taskmaster initially believe Flash was Spider-Man.[3]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: He was a capable fighter, relying on effective brawling skills from his years of sports. After training in S.H.I.E.L.D., his combat abilities increased drastically, able to take on multiple enemies at once.
  • Iron Willpower: Looking to Spider-Man's nature as a role-model, Flash has also emulated the wall-crawler's strength of will, refusing to accept defeat or give in to torture.

Venom Symbiote

When being taken in by a more advanced Venom Symbiote, Flash was able to retain complete control over his actions, to which he could fully use the Symbiote's powers as he sees fit. As revealed by Dr. Connors, this was because Flash's personal DNA proved so ideal to it, the Symbiote bonded to his genetics on a cellular level. This makes it nearly impossible for the Symbiote to be removed from Flash, greatly reducing his vulnerability to electricity and sonic vibrations.

  • Shape Shifting: The Symbiote's gives Agent Venom a virtually malleable anatomy which allows it to create countless tendrils for transport or modifying weaponry and technologies, which can be used to further aid him in battle.
  • Superhuman Durability: He is also far more resilient to physical damage than Spider-Man himself, able take the brute force of Rhino or Hulk and recover quickly after.
  • Superhuman Strength: Combining the Symbiote's own strength with that of the replicated Spider-Man's and Flash's, Agent Venom is much stronger than Spider-Man, able to effortlessly rip heavy and solid structures bolted in from their surface.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Agent Venom has a greatly accelerated healing speed, able to heal broken bones and damaged flesh instantaneously. He can also heal infections to an extent that modern medical technologies cannot. The Venom Symbiote can also instantly regenerate its own bio-mass, effectively making Agent Venom's bodysuit form indestructible.
  • Technology Morphing: Agent Venom can morph and enhance vehicles and other forms of machinery and technology using the Symbiote.
  • Assimilation: Agent Venom is able to absorb and retain the abilities of others that it has merged with. In addition, unlike the previous Venom Symbiote's could only merge with living creatures and morph it into its own likeness, this one is able to assimilate technology into its mass, where it can then use it as the original owner would and even enhance its usage.
    • Missile Launchers: Agent Venom stole the Beetle's shoulder-mounted missile launchers.
    • Bio-Armor: Agent Venom stole some pieces of the Beetle Armor to give himself extra protection.
    • Spider Powers: With the original Venom Symbiote having merged with Spider-Man for a period, it was able to replicate and integrate all of Spider-Man's powers.
      • Superhuman Agility: He is far more agile than a normal human being, able to swiftly and effortlessly dodge a barrage of projectiles unscathed, all while launching a counter-attack without reducing his accuracy.
      • Spider-Sense: Like Spider-Man, Agent Venom has a natural radar to incoming danger, allowing him to instinctively react and avoid it even if caught off guard.
      • Wall-Crawling: Like Spider-Man, he can stick to nearly all surfaces without using his hands or feet, allowing him to scale any terrain without any tools.
      • Organic Webbing: Unlike Spider-Man, Agent Venom is able to generate webbing natural from his wrists, preventing him from ever running out of the substance.


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Season 1 c 9
Season 2 c 4
Season 3 c 13
Season 4 18
Overall 44
Infinite Comics
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2015 5
2016 0
Overall 5

c - cameo
f - flashback
m - mentioned


Background in other media

Agen 00Venom
  • This is Flash Thompson's fifth animated appearance after Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Spider-Man (1994), Spider-Man: The New Animated Series and The Spectacular Spider-Man.
  • This is Agent Venom's animated debut.
  • His eyes as Agent Venom are different to his comic book counterpart while in some promotional material he has the same eyes as his classic counterpart, until in Double Agent Venom.
  • Technically, this is Scarlet Spider's fourth appearance after Fantastic Four (1994), X-Men (1992) and Spider-Man (1994).
  • As of Season 4, Flash was temporarily the second Scarlet Spider, whereas Ben is the first Scarlet Spider before him.


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