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[[File:|250px|Adrian Toomes]]
Biographical information
Real name

Adrian Toomes

Alternative name(s)

Buzzard Beak
Iron Vulture
Subject V

Physical description

Human (as Adrian Toomes)
Human-Vulture Hybrid (as Vulture)



Personal information

Thunderbolts (formerly)
Doctor Octopus (blackmailed, later unwillingly, formerly)
Superior Sinister Six (unwillingly, formerly)
S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy


Super-Villain (formerly)
S.H.I.E.L.D. trainee


Member of the Thunderbolts (formerly)
Member of the Superior Sinister Six (formerly)
S.H.I.E.L.D. trainee at S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy

Production details
First appearance

The Vulture

Last appearance

Graduation Day: Part 2

Voiced by

Tom Kenny


Adrian Toomes formerly or currently known as Vulture is a character that first appeared in Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors episode The Vulture. He was a member of the Superior Sinister Six. He also serves as a supporting antagonist of Season 3: Web-Warriors and one of the tertiary antagonists of Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6.


Season 3: Web-Warriors

The Vulture

The Daily Bugle has put up an announcement that people should keep their eye in the sky for a new vigilante named "The Vulture". During Spider-Man's hunt for him, he sees a criminal stealing someone's suitcase and is about to catch him until Vulture appears and catches him first. Spider-Man gives chase, orders him to stop and that they need to talk while calling him Feathers. Vulture uses his talons to takes the suitcase before dropping the criminal. Spider-Man starts to believe that he is not so friendly and saves the criminal from falling before saving civilians from being crushed by a billboard. He continues chasing Vulture but he flies high enough to escape. Spider-Man uses his S.H.I.E.L.D. tech to track Vulture down to an abandoned lab in a tower. While investigating, he discovers that the lab is one of Doctor Octopus's labs and that Vulture is one of his experiments. When he is trying to find out more about Vulture from the photos in the lab, he is attacked by Octobots which he defeats. This awakens Vulture (who is revealed to be a gothic teenager) in a container and he transforms into his Vulture form. He reveals that he awakens to another night of meaningless existence, so bleak and dreary before scratching the glass of the container. Spider-Man becomes confused by this and believes that Vulture just woke up all emo. Vulture uses his sonic screech to break out of his container and attacks Spider-Man who dodges. Spider-Man tries to tell him that the emo thing was just a joke and shoots webs at Vulture but he uses his sonic screech to block the web shots. This makes Spider-Man believe that he misses fighting the Octobots before Vulture again uses his sonic screech to knock him down. Spider-Man tricks him into landing on a shelf and webs him him up. Vulture breaks out of them and continues to chase him. Spider-Man uses the light of his spider symbol to blind Vulture before kicking him into a pillar and webs him up. Vulture struggles before calming down and turning his head back to human form. He asks what happened before Spider-Man reveals about him attacking him but didn't do much. Vulture asks who he is and what he is doing in the lab and Spider-Man answers that he could say the same thing and calls him Beaky. Vulture tells him that he should call him by his ego like all the city new hounds. Spider-Man tells him to not blame him and that he's profiles worse than his before asking about his origins. Vulture reveals that he doesn't remember anything about his past like his true name, his home, his family and anything of his past. He reveals that his memories are like a forgotten song, a moonless night or a coffin of emptiness. Spider-Man believes that it's a little dark and assures him that his memories will come back but right here and now might be better than yesterday. The word causes Vulture to desperately find out about who and what he is before breaking out of the webs and flying down. He finds an Oscorp marking and realizes that it holds the key to his past. Spider-Man tries to stop him from leaving but Vulture prevents him from stopping him by using his sonic screech to knock Spider-Man away before flying out to find it's owner, Norman Osborn. He arrives at the Osborn penthouse where Spider-Man is searching about Doctor Octopus's experiments and mistakes Norman's son, Harry Osborn as his father. He believes that there is no future without a past and that there is only darkness tomorrow without yesterday's light. He prevents Harry from escaping before Spider-Man reveals that he got the wrong Osborn and Harry adds that his father is not around (due to Norman being the Green Goblin and is imprisoned on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarrier). Vulture reveals that it is unfortunate for him and flies away with him. Spider-Man gives chase and webs up his eyes before grabbing Harry from him. Unfortunately, Vulture knocks them both down and takes Harry back where he flies above a flag pole. He angrily asks where Norman is before dropping Harry onto the flag pole. Harry answers about fixing whatever his father had done to him and that he'll make it right. He is about to fall before Vulture uses his talons to grab him and asks if he can give him back his memories. Spider-Man tries to make him stop but Vulture threatens to drop Harry because it makes no difference to him. Spider-Man tells him that he is not the kind of person who would hurt an innocent kid while Vulture retorts that he doesn't know the kind of person he is or was. Spider-Man tells him to let him help and reveals that Harry isn’t responsible and that it was Doctor Octopus. Vulture remembers him as a six armed man and lets Spider-Man take Harry to safety. Vulture flies over to Spider-Man and wonders if he can never remember or worse if he remembers being a horrible person. Spider-Man reasons that the the past is the past and that if you make mistakes, then he's got a future to do better and reveals that he made mistakes in the past but the people in his life help make the future special. Vulture reveals that he doesn’t know or remember if he had anyone in his life. Spider-Man tells him that he has him and promises to help him find his past. Vulture tells Spider-Man to take him to Doctor Octopus, seeing that it’s his only chance to find his memories. Spider-Man reluctantly agrees but knows that it won’t be easy. Spider-Man let's him onto the Tricarrier and takes him to Doctor Octopus. Doctor Octopus is pleased to see them both but Spider-Man orders that he tells everything to Vulture about his past. Doctor Octopus at first has no idea what he is talking about before Vulture asks him to give him back his memories to free him from being a vulture mutant. Doctor Octopus agrees to tell him but on one condition: his freedom. Spider-Man tells Vulture not to listen to him and that he can't fall for it. Vulture agrees with him before Doctor Octopus tells him that he struck a bargain with him years ago. He reveals that he had to wipe out every memory to make room for new programming. Spider-Man is surprised and Doctor Octopus taunts him about wanting him to find his hidden lab with Vulture in it. He also tells him that he can trigger him into a remote-controlled destroyer with simple two words and yells: Carrion Feeder. Spider-Man at first thinks that it is a joke before he sees Vulture turning back into his vulture mutant form which makes him now realize what the two words are. Vulture attacks Spider-Man but he is shocked and webbed up but Doctor Octopus repeats the code word again which makes Vulture knock Spider-Man away. Doctor Octopus then orders Vulture to free him which Vulture does. Spider-Man tries to intervene but Vulture uses his sonic screech to knock him away he frees Doctor Octopus from his holder. Nick Fury and some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrive but Vulture uses his sonic screech to shield himself from being shot and to knock Fury and the other agents away before escaping with Doctor Octopus back to the lab. Spider-Man follows them and is attacked by Vulture and tries to tell him that he is a good person before Doctor Octopus attacks him. Doctor Octopus taunts him that Vulture is not a person but a DNA project and a living weapon and carries on attacking him. Vulture prevents Spider-Man from shooting web at Doctor Octopus and knocks him out the window. Spider-Man uses his webs to get as high as possible and uses a S.H.I.E.L.D. jetpack to fly and punches Vulture. They fight in the air with Spider-Man hitting him before Vulture knocks him into the building which destroys the jetpack in the process. He pins Spider-Man down before Doctor Octopus orders Vulture to finish him off but Spider-Man reminds Vulture who his true enemy is. Vulture then attacks Doctor Octopus, demanding that he gives his memories back and rips off three of his tentacles. Doctor Octopus out of fear reveals that his files are on his computer. After turning it on, the files are revealed to be gone (Taskmaster having taken them earlier). Vulture decides that if his memories are gone then he will kill Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man uses his web to prevent him and Vulture asks why he wants to protect him. Spider-Man reveals that he asks himself that all the time but the answer is always the same. He reasons that he may not have a past but he has a future and that he can live on his own terms and not Doctor Octopus's. Vulture tells him that he won’t be a villain like him with Spider-Man telling him that it's nevermore. The next day, Doctor Octopus is taken back to the Tricarrier and Spider-Man and Vulture are alone. Spider-Man reveals that he is putting up a team of New Warriors and that he’d be a great fit. Vulture thanks him but turns it down because he wants to follow every Oscorp lead until he finds his past. Spider-Man reveals that the good thing about memories is that he can make new ones. He also reveals that his uncle once told that where you come from isn’t always where you're going. Spider-Man gives him a S.H.I.E.L.D. card and offers that if he is ready to face the future, that there are others like him and that they could use him. Vulture thanks him but chooses to follow his own path but thanks to Spider-Man, he now knows where he is going. He transforms back into his vulture mutant form and flies away to follow his path. However, he hears someone call out to him as Adrian. He finds Taskmaster on a roof and asks why he called him that. Taskmaster reveals that it’s his first name and offers to tell him his last and a lot more if he comes to work for him. Vulture takes the offer and joins him.

New Warriors

Later, Taskmaster and his new team, the Thunderbolts (consisting of himself, Cloak, Dagger and Vulture) arrive on the Tricarrier in the training room where Spider-Man, his classic team (consisting of himself, White Tiger, Iron Fist, Power Man and Nova) and the New Warriors (consisting of Agent Venom, Iron Spider, Ka-Zar and Zabu) are. They are surprised by this entry before Taskmaster tells them to take down Spider-Man just like they trained. The three attack him with Dagger throwing her light daggers and Vulture using his sonic screech but Spider-Man dodges them all. His classic team try to help but Spider-Man tries to tell them that he will make them listen due to him having helped them with their problems. Vulture uses his sonic screech on Spider-Man, his classic team and the New Warriors. After Taskmaster has Cloak teleport Spider-Man’s classic team to the Bermuda Triangle, the New Warriors decide to help. Agent Venom attacks Vulture but he misses and Vulture uses his sonic screech to knock him down. Ka-Zar and Zabu attack him but Vulture tackles him in the air. Iron Spider shoots at him but Vulture has the shot hit Ka-Zar instead before he knocks him down. Spider-Man then realizes that this was all a diversion for Taskmaster to put the ship under lockdown before he and the Thunderbolts leave to be teleported to the detention center where other supervillains are held. After taking out the guards, Cloak wants to teleport them inside but Taskmaster reveals that the power navigations will scramble him up if he tries. Taskmaster then has Vulture use his sonic screech to take out the lasers before they struggle to take down the entrance. When the New Warriors attack, Taskmaster has Cloak teleport them somewhere else which tricks the New Warriors into destroying the entrance and freeing the Green Goblin (who had hired Taskmaster to free him), Doctor Octopus, Beetle and Scorpion. When the Thunderbolts return, they watch the New Warriors battle the escaped supervillains. Vulture sees Doctor Octopus but Taskmaster tells him to wait until he gets his chance at revenge. Green Goblin then leaves with the Thunderbolts to the exit of the Tricarrier. He heads to a different location which surprises the Thunderbolts. He reveals that he needs to collect something from the armory before leaving. After Doctor Octopus, Beetle and Scorpion steal a S.H.I.E.L.D. jet to escape, Taskmaster gives Vulture his chance to get his revenge. Vulture flies in front of the jet and reveals to Doctor Octopus that Green Goblin needed a diversion, that he still wants revenge for what he did to him and to consider them even before he destroys the jet's wing causing it to crash back onto the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarrier. Director Fury then decides to separate the back part of the Tricarrier. Taskmaster angrily tells him that it was about getting to the armory and that it is in the back section. Green Goblin tells him that it's all in good time. They teleport to it but come face to face with the New Warriors with Spider-Man telling them to expect the unexpected. Agent Venom asks if they can go for them and Spider-Man allows it. Vulture attacks Amadeus Cho (Green Goblin having destroyed the Iron Spider Armor) but Ka-Zar and Zabu tackle him down. Green Goblin, Taskmaster and Vulture (Cloak and Dagger having defected to the New Warriors) make it to the armory where Green Goblin destroys the armory’s defenses and joyfully boasts that the defenses had been weakened by the Tricarrier’s split. Taskmaster angrily reveals to him that it took him months to assemble a team and to break in and get him out before asking what’s so important in the armory. Green Goblin then reveals that it is something recently brought on board and that it will change everything. He then finds the container before he and the others are interrupted by Spider-Man’s arrival. He fires missiles at them before Vulture uses his sonic screech to destroy them but the force of the blast knocks him away into a container which knocks him out. After Spider-Man defeats Taskmaster, Vulture recovers but Spider-Man allows him to escape due to them being friends. Green Goblin also escapes with the Siege Perilous.

Contest of Champions: Part 1

Vulture makes a cameo, being a pawn of The Collector and Grandmaster’s game of the Contest of Champions.

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister 6

Iron Vulture

Later, after Doctor Octopus (whose appearance was changed by nanobots into configuring him in a HYDRA life-support armor and making him look like a ninety-year-old man) teams up with HYDRA, he meets Vulture again and equips him with green HYDRA armor. He also tells him to eliminate Norman (who is now fully cured of being the Green Goblin) and that he will find his memories from him if he does what he says. He heads to the Osborn’s penthouse where he interrupts their fun night. He reveals to Norman that Doctor Octopus sends his condolences on his passing. He uses a sonic screech to make part of the roof collapse on everyone but they dodge it. Norman orders the boys to get to the safe room while the Osborn defenses fire at them but Vulture destroys them before following the Harry, Peter Parker and Miles Morales (who is the Ultimate Spider-Man from the Ultimate Universe who is now stranded with the Ultimate Green Goblin in Spider-Man’s universe after a battle with Doctor Octopus and Baron Mordo). Peter and Miles argue about who protects who before Vulture threatens to use his sonic screech on them while claiming that there won’t be another time and for what it's worth, he is sorry. He uses his sonic screech but the boys duck before Norman in the Iron Patriot Armor arrives and saves them. He tells Vulture that Doctor Octopus can threaten his life but his son will always be protected by him and blasts Vulture. They start blasting at each other before battling in the air while the boys escape to the safe room. Iron Patriot is surprised by Vulture armor having massive strength with steel claws and believes that Doctor Octopus puts the pride in his handy work but believes that his armor ensures that nobody can hurt him or his son. He tries to punch Vulture but he dodges breaks the arm piece off of Iron Patriot. Vulture tells him that he is wrong and that Doctor Octopus designed his armor to turn him into a can opener and that Iron Patriot is the can. Iron Patriot blasts him and they continue fighting. Vulture gains the upper hand against him and reveals that he takes pleasure in what comes next. Unfortunately, the Ultimate Spider-Man arrives and saves him with Vulture confused about who he is having never met him before. The Ultimate Spider-Man then claims to be "The Heroic Fan" which makes Vulture comment that it’s a pitiful name before swooping at him but Spider-Man blasts web at him. He then jokes about Vulture sonic screaming originality. Vulture reveals that Doctor Octopus knew he wouldn’t resist showing his face before using his sonic screech at him Spider-Man kicks him and reminds him that Doctor Octopus experimented on him and that he hates him before asking why he should work for him. Vulture reminds him that he doesn't like being a vulture mutant and asks if he thinks that he wants to destroy life. Spider-Man tells him to let him and S.H.I.E.L.D. help but Vulture refuses, believing that S.H.I.E.L.D. could never give him his memories and believes that Doctor Octopus can if he does what he says. Spider-Man tries to tell him that Doctor Octopus is a liar and that it's not too late but Iron Patriot believes it to be too late and punches him down to the halls of Oscorp Tower with the sculpture falling on him. Iron Patriot comments that one good thing to come out of all of this, he never liked the sculpture. Spider-Man tells Vulture to take them to Doctor Octopus to get his memories back if he has them but Vulture reveals that he doesn't have to and he signals Doctor Octopus who arrives. He tells Vulture that he did the correct thing in signalling him and that he can send anyone to destroy Norman but Spider-Man and his "Kid Arachnid", he wants to destroy personally. Miles then decides to name himself Kid Arachnid. When Kid Arachnid and Iron Patriot knock him away, Doctor Octopus tells Vulture that he is stronger than Norman and that his memories are stored in Iron Patriot’s database. He orders him to aid him in his destruction and they will have access which makes Vulture use his sonic screech to blast blocks onto the three. Spider-Man tries to push a block off him but Doctor Octopus pins it on him before he orders Vulture to help him end it. Spider-Man yells at Kid Arachnid (who is camouflaged) to not do it making Doctor Octopus asks him if he is dim and if he is so desperate. Vulture sees Kid Arachnid and kicks him away from Doctor Octopus. Before Vulture can end the spiders, Harry arrives in one of his father’s iron armor suits and now calls himself "Patrioteer" to help fight Vulture. Vulture attacks him but Patrioteer dodges and blasts at him. Iron Patriot aids him in blasting Vulture before ordering him to get away immediately but Patrioteer refuses. Iron Patriot reveals that he created his armors to keep him safe and not put him in danger but Patrioteer reminds him that he is not a kid anymore before Vulture kicks him away and pins Iron Patriot down. He starts ripping his armor apart but Patrioteer kicks him away. Patrioteer gains the upper hand and takes Vulture down. Vulture demands that he should give him Iron Patriot’s database in his helmet before Doctor Octopus angrily accepts. He then proceeds to attack everyone else while Vulture puts the Iron Patriot helmet on and accesses the database. He finds that his memories aren’t in the database and becomes angry. Before Doctor Octopus can destroy Patrioteer, Vulture knocks him down and pins him down. Vulture yells at him about the memories not being in the database and demands to know where they are. Doctor Octopus lies about Norman deleting them and that there is more reason to destroy him. Spider-Man truthfully tells Vulture that Doctor Octopus is lying and that he should listen to the voice at the back of his head. Vulture becomes angry but Doctor Octopus, who still wants Vulture to be a candidate for his Sinister Six, uses one of his tentacles to infect Vulture’s armor with nanobots, turning it black and mind controlling him. He tells Vulture that he is no longer a person but only a weapon that he wields and orders him to eliminate Spider-Man. Spider-Man tries to reach out to him but Doctor Octopus tells him that Vulture is not in there anymore and because he defied him many times, he took his free will away. Kid Arachnid saves Spider-Man from being eliminated by Vulture and Patrioteer stops Doctor Octopus from escaping and before Kid Arachnid defeats him. Before Vulture loses his free will, he manages to tell Spider-Man that Doctor Octopus has a spy in S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy and hints that it is a "spider" before escaping.


Later, the Web-Warriors search for Vulture to prevent him from becoming another member of Doctor Octopus's new Sinister Six. Spider-Man and Iron Spider find him flying around. Spider-Man (who wants to bring Vulture in peacefully) finds him on a building tries to get him to remember before Iron Spider (who wants to put Vulture into a cell) interrupts them by blasting at Vulture but he dodges the blasts and grabs Spider-Man and flies away. Spider-Man tells him that he can use his webs but Vulture doesn’t answer. Spider-Man tries to tell him that he is trying to help but Iron Spider starts blasting at Vulture. Vulture dodges them all before dropping Spider-Man who then uses his web to cling to the armor. Vulture gets him off but Spider-Man uses Iron Spider to help him jump and tackle him. Vulture crashes into the edge of the Bermuda Triangle. Spider-Man jokes about not blaming him for crashing into the Hudson Bay before asking him about knowing if he is not trying to hurt him. Iron Spider blasts at Vulture before Vulture uses his sonic screech to blast him and Spider-Man away before escaping. Later, after Spider-Man and Iron Spider save Sandman from becoming another member of Doctor Octopus's new Sinister Six, they realize that Vulture had regained some of his free will and had led them to Doctor Octopus on purpose to save Sandman.

Graduation Day: Part 1

A while later, after Doctor Octopus (whose appearance was changed again by the nanobots to a healthy-looking man with a green and yellow costume) threatens Aunt May’s life (after finding out Spider-Man's identity from Scarlet Spider who was the real spy before defecting), he puts his well-known associates into three different lab locations. After Spider-Man and his classic team apprehend Scorpion and a lizard-mutated Crossbones, Spider-Man leaves to help the New Warriors (now consisting of Cloak, Dagger, Squirrel Girl and Triton) who have tracked Kraven the Hunter to the docks. After Kraven traps Cloak to use as bait, Vulture appears to attacks the New Warriors before Spider-Man kicks him into a truck. Spider-Man then has Squirrel Girl use her squirrels to attack Vulture. After defeating Kraven, Spider-Man turns his attention to use his webs to bring Vulture down. He manages to get Squirrel Girl to call the other squirrels due to Vulture being mind controlled by Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man ties him up and tells him that he hasn't given up on him and that S.H.I.E.L.D. will find a cure. Spider-Man then leaves to help the Web-Warriors take down Rhino and Doctor Octopus at the boat house. The six villains are then brought back to the Triskelion and put into cells. When Spider-Man is bringing Aunt May, Doctor Octopus along with the other five villains break out and hold Aunt May hostage. Doctor Octopus reveals that he used Spider-Man and his teams to bring him and his Superior Sinister Six in before making Spider-Man take the antidote to cure him of his powers to save Aunt May. He then creates a dome around all the heroes (which include Spider-Man’s classic team, the New Warriors, the Web Warriors, the Avengers, Doctor Strange, Director Fury, Patrioteer and Dr. Connors) to crush.

Graduation Day: Part 2

Vulture was present when Doctor Octopus taunts Spider-Man about all of it being his fault before leaving with the other members of the Superior Sinister Six and locking Spider-Man and Aunt May in. Spider-Man manages to escape and takes a jetpack to go to Oscorp where he originally got his powers from the spider that bit him. Vulture attacks him and tries to knock him down and Spider-Man tries to reason that he will be able to cure him. Spider-Man uses a web to stick Vulture onto the wall and to pull him off but his jetpack is destroyed in the process. After Norman helps Spider-Man get his powers back, Spider-Man battles the other members of the Superior Sinister Six. Vulture appears for the battle and swoops at Spider-Man who uses the cure gun that he took from Doctor Octopus to shoot the cure into him, making Vulture crash into Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man tells Doctor Octopus that the cure he used on him could also work on other people they know. Vulture turns back to normal with his armor being destroyed and regains his memories back in the process. Spider-Man also cures Crossbones and Rhino back to normal. Spider-Man then defeats Scorpion but is then caught in a net by Kraven who is about to end him but Adrian Toomes and Alexander Sytsevich save Spider-Man by crushing him before freeing Spider-Man. Adrian thanks Spider-Man for giving him back his memories and before he can say who his favorite superhero is, Doctor Octopus knocks him and Alexander out. Spider-Man redeems Dr. Otto Octavius and they destroy the dome with a ray gun thus saving all the superheroes. Spider-Man and his teams graduate before Iron Man takes Doctor Octavius away to possibly begin his redemption. Adrian along with Alexander enroll at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy along with Patrioteer, Spider-Woman and Frances Beck. Spider-Man gives a speech to them about learning responsibility and places them into learning with Agent Venom and Scarlet Spider.


Friends and Allies


Powers and Abilities


  • Vulture Physiology (a beak, vulture feet, vulture feet-like hands and the presence of dark green feathers).
    • Flight - Like all vultures he has the ability to fly.
    • Talons - Like all vultures he has sharp talons
    • Sonic Screech - He is seen to be able to screech loud enough to be able to render Agent Venom (Flash Thompson) unconscious.
    • Superhuman Strength: He has shown an incredible amount of strength, being able to punch through concrete pillars with ease, while chasing Spider-Man as well as carry Doc Ock, with one hand.
    • Superhuman Durability: He has been seen taking fire from S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel without even flinching or sustaining injuries. He even withstands crashing into concrete structures without sustaining moderate damages.
  • Vulture Armor: As of season 4, the vulture utilizes a high tech suit of armor issued by HYDRA. This further enhanced is physical performance, but after Doc Ock "upgraded" the armor, he gained a new look & a new ability.
    • Enhanced Strength: The armor was able to enhance the Vulture's low-level superhuman strength to a higher degree, enough to combat the Iron Patriot, Kid Arachnid & Spider-Man. It even enhanced the power of his claws, which were able to tear through thick metal objects.
    • Enhanced Durability: The armor was able to withstand great physical punishment from his foes, without even damaging the armor & is completely impervious to ballistic attacks.
    • Enhanced Mobility: The armor has enhanced his physical movement & mental thinking speeds 
    • Vulture in Black Hydra Armor

      drastically, enabling him to have a better combat performance than before.
    • Wing Harness: The armor has its own set of artificial bladed wings, which are used for better combat abilities as well as higher speed of flight.
    • Self-Mental Control: Once Doc Ock took over Vulture's Armor and upgraded it, Vulture's mind became a slave to Doc Ock's commands.


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Overall 7
Infinite Comics
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c - cameo


Classic Vulture making a cameo

  • The original incarnation of the Vulture shows up in one of Spider-Man's imaginations in the TV series and makes another cameo in the Infinite Comics.
  • This version of the Vulture is much younger than other incarnations, being about the same age as Spider-Man himself, whereas the comics' Vulture was an old man, but sought to restore his youth, and managed to do so several times.
  • Although this version of Vulture is confirmed to be Adrian Toomes, he is a human/vulture hybrid, like the Jimmy Natale incarnation of the Vulture, whereas the comics' Adrian was a normal old man used a flying magnetic harness with wings to glide.
  • This is the most sympathetic portrayal of the Vulture, as Adrian is not evil in the slightest, but rather a misguided gothic teenager, and having lost his memories, and being turned into a freak by Doc Ock, like The Lizard and Scarlet Spider, has lead to his "villainous" actions.
  • The Hydra armor that Vulture wears is similar to the armor worn by the Blackie Drago version of Vulture in the Ultimate Spider-Man Comics.


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